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    How long do you let conditioner soak? Does it work better and/or rinse cleaner if you let it sit longer?

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    Depends on what you are using it for. For the majority of my dogs that are in good shape I will apply then rinse right off. Dogs w/bad skin that get the Oatmeal conditioner I will let soak for several minutes and some I will even lightly rinse to leave some of it on (The kind I use can be used as a leave on). If it is a matted dog, or one w/coat problems I will let soak for up to 10 minutes w/a thick application before I completely rinse. I am interested to hear what others do. Maybe I need to make some changes...
    SheilaB from SC


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      It depends on the type of conditioner, and what I'm using it for. But first, read the lable!

      Some pack type conditioners will suggest letting it soak 3-5 minutes for extra conditioning. Some conditioners don't suggest soaking at all. If that's the case, the conditioner is made to bond instantly with the hair shaft, and soaking is just wasting time.

      Conditioners like DeMat need to soak if you're using them on matted coats. So let them soak the suggested amount of time. Read the lable.

      On whispy, silky drop coats, I dilute DeMat and use it as a rinse. Pour it on and rinse it off. It bonds quickly with the hair shaft, and doesn't leave the coat greasy or weighted down.


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