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Are they trying to get revenge???

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  • Are they trying to get revenge???

    Had a customer call me last night wanting to come in this morning with their German Shepard. Wonderful dog. Flaky owners.
    At their last appt. their check was returned for NSF. I mailed them a letter and that was returned to me. I called, woman says "l'll be in on Sat. with money". Never shows up. So I go to bank that check was written from. After a few tries I finally get money. They still owed my $20 return check fee.
    So I tell her husband this on the phone, he says "no problem" I'll bring it tomorrow and pay cash. He did pay cash today with fee included, but tells me they don't remember their check bouncing or me telling them they owed the money! Whatever!!
    After he gets home from picking up dog he calls me and tells me dog is shedding everywhere and says "what gives"? I told hime we got a lot of fur off of him (he wasn't shedding as much as other GSD I've groomed) but anyway, and that he might shed for the next 24 hrs more because of the loosened fur that was ready to shed but if it continued to call and I will re-brush the dog. What do you think? Did I handle it Okay? I think they were just mad about the fee. When he picked the dog up he raved at how great he looked! Sorry just had to vent.

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    Sounds like they are PITA owners. Don't beat yourself up over them. Make them cash or debit only customers in the future too. Hope the rest of your day is good!


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      Ah, they'll probably never be back, so don't sweat it. I used to get stressed about customers such as these, but it's not worth your health. I would imaging they have a "history" at other shops. What you might try, if they don't think they did anything wrong and come for another appt., I'd add fees, for whatever reason ( more loose hair, price increase, whatever).



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        When they are big hairies, I always tell the owners that they will shed excessively for the next 24-48 hours, and then it should "taper off," so I think you did the right thing in telling him that.

        Dog hair, like ours, has a lifecycle, and when it dies, it falls out (or gets trapped in healthy hair). When you HV dry and brush the dog, it's going to help release that trapped hair, but you can't get 100% of it. I think they were just complaining after they paid the fee.

        FYI: Keep all of your records if you haven't already, such as that returned letter, and then you'll have your "proof" that you did attempt contacting them.

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          If I had a client call with a service concern I would want them to return right away so that I could address their concern immidiately. That way I could show and explain to them what was done and why, and resolve any issues they might have right away. I think that this would satisfy any mistaken observations the clients may have or allow me to correct any mistakes right away. I would try to handle the two seperate incidents with these clients individually to avoid confusion and keep professional control of each situation. I hope that this works out satisfactorilly for all. Good luck with this.


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            I think you handled it well. We can't controll constant shedding. Maybe the dog is starting to blow it's coat. I have seen a lot of this due to the warm winter.
            If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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              Lori, i think you could be right about them being a bit "revengeful". I think you handled it well, either way. Don't let it bug you, they may be just trying to have the last say.


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                it sounds like you kept it at a polite and professional level. most of the time it seems like a large percentage og our customers come in for service with the idea that the groom is going to be comped from the beginning. it has gotten to the point that i've refused to groom more than one pet for these people. it's like they don't care that if they don'y pay, we don't get paid. i know how hard this job is and i wish we could switch for 1 day