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Nick names forever.

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  • Nick names forever.

    I thinbk WE could go on forever with our doggie nick names..what have I started? Cute,really cute...let's talk about techniques etc.helpful hints etc...we need more substance..I am guilty of cutsey stuff too late at night, I get goofey. Thanks tho' cute names......

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    The helpful hint that helps me the most is to always be ultra organized. I feel like I can focus on my grooming and do my best work when everything is right where I need it and ergonomically correct. I also keep an organized selection of supplies that need to be replenished so that it does not get out of control and become not cost effective. It's easy to get carried away with the supplies. As far as grooming techniques, I try to remember to dry the dogs more thoroughly first instead of rushing to the HV. It can really be a time saver.


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      I agree... ORGANIZATION!!! I keep a couple of small containers with my extra stuff- 1 container with extra banadana fabric, 1 container with new cutter blades incase a blade gets dull. I LOVE tableworks (a great website) that makes a great tool organizer.


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