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  • Discover Pet Soul Mate's Name

    Have you tried that Google ad popping up today at bottom of your screens. We are not allowed to click the banners we host, curious what that is?

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    Guess I won't be of much help. I stopped answering questions when it asked for my cell phone # to send results to. Also wasn't impressed with the incorrect dates given for Zodiac signs. Not a very professional site imho.


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      I didn't see any ad popping up.
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        I tryed clicking it on. It has boxes to enter stuff. I stopped when it asked for my cell phone number so that they could call me with my soulmates name. (supposedly one could name a pet that name) Truthfully I tryed a false phone number and it nixed it saying that phone number was not supported. I'd be fearful that lots of sales calls would come on my cell phone, using my minutes for junk. Someone else try it?

        Makes very good sense that you can't click on it, but I would think you could bring that up via just the internet.
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          I clicked on it and went as far as "Enter your cell phone number". Don't want to give that out to just anybody. Seems like they give you your "Soulmate's" name.


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            My computer security must be blocking it. I can't get there. I hope that someone tells us how it works.


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              toomuchfun, you probably need to allow popups.

              as for the site, I tried to find it, and didn't see it, but I would definitely not recommend giving out your cell #, lol.
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