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  • Ok......Im irritated

    I rent out a unit in a large retail building that has space for 4 businesses. All are completely separate, have their own furnaces, etc.

    I was told today that the owner of the tax place nextdoor to me claims her building has fleas because of being nextdoor to me. Ok......MY building doesnt even have fleas so I am so ticked off!!!!!! (no pun intended). LOL. Anyway,
    she wants me to bomb/etc her building. I am irritated because this woman owns a huge horse farm w/ several animals. Her office has no animals, and is all concrete floors but how do I know she didnt bring them in from her animals, or if theyre even fleas that she is saying she has seen.

    This has bothered me since I left the shop so I thought I would post here. My landlord has had issues w/ this woman before about other things reguarding the building......(she wants private parking signs, etc)

    I actually just commented to my assistant/bather how happy I was that we havent seen fleas in so long......I could see if maybe she claimed this in July, but sheesh..... and could fleas even get through the walls,etc?

    I think this woman is being ridiculous...... I havent seen one flea in my salon, we have 2 shop kitties, both on frontline just in case. Just needed to VENT!
    How would you handle this?

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    I would order a few foggers and tell her you will bomb her office space. What would it cost a few dollars? It might even mend some fences. If she wants to work with insecticide all around her so be it.

    A note of caution regarding open fish tanks: If you place a large towel or blanket over an aquarium the suction will pull the blanket into the fish tank and the water will drip off the cloth and you'll have 50 gallons of water on your floor. This happened to a friend of mine who was on a second floor and it totally ruined the celing in the office below. Big expense for her and the other unit.


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      Tell her to prove that she has fleas and to prove where they came from if she did. Mention to her that you haven't seen a flea in quite some time. Fleas live in bushes, grass etc before they jump onto ANY animal and get taken for a ride.


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          you're right -- the lady is ridiculous! Maybe she can find a flea to show you and prove where it came from. Spraying for insects is done regularly by the landlords of my building which also houses four businesses. If the landlords don't spray I would think that she should anticipate spraying as a regular business expense. ****, does she expect someone else to replace burned out lightbulbs, too. Bugs happen!


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            Sorry to hear you're having problems.

            I was wondering who it was who told you she was making accusations? If it's not the landlord, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Even if it were true, which I'm sure it is not, no one can PROVE anything. It's not your responsibility to fumigate her space.

            I once worked for a pet shop in a large indoor mall (before I knew any better) that sold mice. Some of the stores complained that mice had escaped from their cages and had gotten into their stores. The funny thing was that the only mice we sold were white and spotted fancy mice. They had regular old field mice.

            Now, the 3 foot Nile Monitor lizard.....well, yeah....he escaped and got into the wall. Nobody complained about that because he ate their field mice! What eats fleas? Maybe she should get some chickens or something. I wonder how that would work for her?


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              I think that unless the other renter can prove that the fleas came from your shop, that you would not be liable.

              I once owned a business(Not pet related) where the renters next door barged into my business and announced in front of all my clients that the dog that was barking in my business was annoying them and demanded that I get rid of it. I told them that the dog was in their office, not mine and yes, that it was annoying because it had been barking for weeks. The guy from next door said, Oh no, the dog is in YOUR business and he walked around my business looking for it before he left. He came back to my business a few hours later and said Oh yeah. You were right. The dog is in our office. It belongs to the owner of our business. He's been keeping it in his office.

              I never thought about blaming them for fleas. That's a good one!


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                My landlord came & told me right when I was closing yesterday..And he was SO nice about it. I keep my shop spotless, we set off foggers now & then to be safe but its been a few mos since I have even done that because we havent had any pets w/ fleas on them AND I flea spray the shop daily just in case. I actually have my own pest control guy doing flea treatments on the shop during the spring/summer mos. to make sure we dont get a problem when it gets warm. I am in AL so fleas happen BUT we make every effort to ensure we dont have a problem in here. My landlord knows I am on top of things, and he says maybe since I do keep it so clean, theyre going nextdoor... ugh...I HIGHLY doubt that theyre jumping off the pet at my frontdoor and escaping into the tax place LOL however, to prevent issues w/ my "neighbor" I have offered to buy some foggers for her place....Oh well.......I just hope this woman isnt a pain in the rear end in the future, which I have a feeling she will be. My landlord tells me she is for them, and that she is always weeks late on her rent also. She's just "one of those types" I guess. I was gonna have her do my taxes, I think I'll go elsewhere LOL.


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                  I would not worry about it. Tell her you will give her a flea bath at a discount rate.
                  If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                    Lisa's hillarious! I would think the owner would have a exterminator that comes monthly, and he would be able pin point the problem.


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                      hand her some moth balls or garlic cloves to spread around! LOL!!!


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                        Fleas dont work that way anyway. They dont just randomly spread through wood and plaster walls. Specially when they have plenty of the perfect host (other dogs) walking in and out of your shop. You need to educate them about how fleas work.


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                          It is kind of weird that it is a tax person that is your problem person, as that is who is my problem neighbor two doors down. He has the lawned around is shop,as he is on the end and comes running out the door is a dog gets anywhere near it. I had to put signs up around the lawn. If we see a person going anywhere near the lawn we have to going running out the door to stop them, or we get in trouble with the landlord, if the tax person complains.


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                            Bearmtn, Maybe tax people and groomers shouldnt share a building LOL

                            Today I had my Pest control guy out to the shop. (We have a Black Widow problem in my home so he does my house monthly). Anyway, he went to her office and she said she had seen TWO fleas, and how she just had to bomb her place because of me. He told her he had been to my shop, it was very clean and he saw no evidence of fleas here. He said that she could have brought the fleas in herself.....and were they even fleas that she saw?
                            Whenever the "bug man" comes out to my house he always plays w/ my English Bulldogs....he knows how severe of a flea allergy my male has, so I pointed that out as well. We are so over cautious....he knows were like that at home & at my business.

                            Anyway, this woman is always going to think her place got fleas from mine, even though the Pest Control told her no, and no other businesses in this building have fleas BUT hers! There are 4 businesses in here. I am very concerned that she will spread rumors about me to her clients though.

                            My landlady told me that she never believed they came from me, as her dog and her friends dogs come here ALL the time and have never come home w/them. It just REALLY irritates me when rumors get started that are not true.....I am having my pest control guy do her business Monday...just to avoid issues w/ her. We shall see!


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                              And you know she is going to tell who ever walk through her front door that her office has fleas from your shop. I would just go buy a 3 pack of Zodiac bombs and give them to her, it will not cost much, but it will shut her up! It may save you some aggravation and won't cost nearly as much as having her bad mouth your business.