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  • my 3 advil night

    Well, I done it. I groomed the two newfoundlands. One about 120lbs and the other about 140lbs. OMG what a day. There butts, bellies, chests, necks, ears, and of course their legs where a mess." Don't shave them down." Just take out the matts. Wet shaved the matts out of one of them and dry shaved the matts out of the other. The dry shaved was much quicker for me. I am a wet shave fan but apparently not for newfies. They take forever to DRY. Wonderful dogs to work on. Made good money and a fifty dollar tip. I told them if they ever come back to me that way again, I will shave them completely down. With that, they rescheduled for 6 weeks.

    These are my first newfies, so heres my questions. When they come back,what is the best brushes to use on them? I used a LesPooch brush, slicker brush, a matt king, a greyhound comb. My poor wrists were about shot along with my back. Is every 6 weeks a good rescheduling time?

    The customers said they loved the look of their dogs. They told me, that the other groomer left matts in the body cause it was to much work to get them out. So they just took off the obvious matts. This is probably why most of the matts where skin tight.

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    I have no suggestions for you just sypmathy. I have a GP on tuesday that is matted. I will be using 2 HV's if they have a place for me to plug in. My gene can't handle both of them. I also love the quadruped leave in conditioner. That blows a lot of the undercoat out.
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      Haze them with tactical neuclear weapons?

      Seriously, in 6 weeks they shouldn't be too badly matted, if they're matted at all. HV the heck out of them; soap 'em up and HV, then rinse, condition, and HV again. A leave in conditioner might help keep the matting down between grooms.

      If they keep them to a 6 week schedule, they won't be nearly as much work. They'll still be a lot of work, though. That's why I don't do them anymore.


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        Glad it worked out for you! 2 in one day is quite the undertaking. Using a good conditioner and having the HV going on both engines helps out alot.


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          You can do it ) I groom 4 grt Pyr every 4 weeks, on Sat even. Good dogs. Once they get to know the routine, they are a piece of cake. It also helps that the owner of these guys brushes them every day. Makes my job alot easier.
          Havnt done a newfi in a while but I know what you mean about taking forever to dry. Good luck!


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            i'd do them every 4 wks if you can, they'll probably have matts. esp if they swim in the summer. i have 2 that i do this often, i shampoo let it sit, brush while soapy with a hard slicker. hv off the soap, rinse well. spray with the stuff or smth similar. either kennel dry 1/2 way or do straight through. brush out what you can while hv drying. i comb through with a matt comb in the winter or if there's any hangy matts. then line brush with a slicker. anything left over get's clipped out.


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              I'm glad that it worked out! The conditioner is a great suggestion. A good one will last for some time.
              But like Helly said after six weeks they should still be in good shape. Especially since you had to shave a lot of the areas.
              I notice that sometimes they say that they will keep on a schedule, but that sometimes doesn't last very long. It can get to be too much especially for two big dogs like that. If they end up coming a little longer than every six weeks it might be a good idea to keep some areas that mat easy, short. For example the insides of the back legs, and maybe even the inderneath. I've noticed that this helps with matting because it's shorter, and you can't really see it. Sometimes I will even take a comb attachment on the backs of the backlegs, so it is still long, but it a little shorter than just scissoring it. We do this on quite a few goldens, newfies, etc. and this helps with the owner's upkeep.
              The Les Pooch brushes are great, and I like to have an undercoat rake on hand too, it is great for the rear legs, and mane area.
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                Good for you!


                Lot of work but good money and good tip.

                Best Shot, Best Shot, Best Shot, you will see the matts disolve in the tub.

                HV, ProGroom, HV, ProGroom, HV, blow that coat out!

                Then find slaves for brushing and combing! Just kidding! But no kidding if you can get some brushing help from anyone to help save your wrists do that.

                Do one one day then do the other the next.

                You impressed the owner. They have found a good groomer who will do what they want. Don't expect them to be any better but if they stay regular then you can expect regular money coming in. I am so glad that it worked out for you. Good Job!



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                  Chuck, which Best Shot shampoo do I order? Is there one just for dematting?

                  I did reschedule only one for a day, and one for the next. I hope they don't tell to many people I do newfies, I'm afraid my back won't be able to last.

                  Sweet dogs! These dogs do not drool. They told me when you purchase the dog, ask to see the Grandmother on the mom's side(if Possible) if she is a dry mouth, all future females will be dry mouths. Will not make any difference on male dogs. Interesting fact.


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                      Sounds like you did a great job. I usually HV lots and lots to save on brushing.


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                        Ultra Wash, call Mike or Dave at Best Shot they are "Good People". "Tell them Chuck sent you." The stuff works!

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                          alot of the newfies i do groom are now or at one time show even my pet newfies are done to show standards.the dry time for a newfie is normally the most time consuming .universal slicker brush .poodle comb( for those that do not know what a poodle comb is it has a wood handle and much longer teeth than that of a normal comb this works much better than a rake and is much easier on the wrist and hands follow this with a fine toothed greayhound or equivelant. I use a cat comb myself as the finishing comb for most of the dogs i groom