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I'm a bad Proof reader

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  • I'm a bad Proof reader

    Well I have started my housecall grooming, I got my business cards in 2 days ago and I was so Psyched. I got 500 cards for $50 with Double sided print and full color photos glossy . Well I had already handed them out to several people, and my client today instantly noticed that my website shows a .com not .net.
    AHHHHH!! So now I have to order all new cards, I never even noticed even though I had been admiring them for 2 days lol.

    Last May I got married, I sent out Save The Date magnets that I hand made spent $100 on and a lot of hours, crafting away. I mailed them out to my whole guest list and I get a phone call from my future mother in law- saying my date is wrong. I was getting married on May 6 and I put May 5, Cinco De Mayo on all of my magnets I was mortified to say the least.

    I must be contagious because my Blade sharpener ordered 1000 pens with his logo and name and didn't remember to included his phone number on the pens, lol.

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    I think I did one worse, I ordered my business cards bfore my business was registered (the agency was closed for afew weeks) but thought i get them out ASAP, well my business name was not hoo...1000 cards for the fire!


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      I made up flyers right before xmas and was putting them on cars in a big shopping center when my phone rang. The lady was laughing hysterically at me telling me to stop putting them out because of all the bad grammer and mispellings on it. I read it like 10 times and never saw it. Needless to say, I ran to my car and went home.
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        You all have my laughing so hard at your booboos. Isn't it nice to know that were not all perfect, lol? I especially love the one about the doctor ordering 1000 pens without the phone number! Oh man!
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          Oh no! What a bummer. I've never had anything like that happen, but I really love doing advertising and promotions. To save your misprinted business cards could you maybe use a sticker that matches the card background with the proper website address? BTW I really like how you present yourself and your website. Very nice.


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            I'm a FREAK SHOW to the nth degree about spelling/grammar/dates etc. My husband is a FREAK SHOW about money.

            Between the two of us, this might (might!!!) be one thing we'll get right. But everything else will be on a wink and a prayer!

            Tammy in Utah
            Groomers Helper Affiliate


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              ROFLOL!! I always run whatever I'm working on through the Microsoft Word program so it'll catch all the typos and grammatical errors TG I, too, am "freak show" about some things and other I could care less about.

              Can't remember the last time I vacuumed my whole house but the kitchen is clean...the table is another matter-seats six and it is just a huge flat file LOL!!