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How to stop a dog from trying to hang itself.

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  • How to stop a dog from trying to hang itself.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep a dog from leaning forward and choking itself? I groom a 12 year old G.S. x who weights about 60 pounds. He throws all of his weight forward. I have to hold him back and try to clip at the same time. I have a GH if anyone has an idea how to use that to help.
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    Try pushing him-act like you are going to push him off the table every time he does it, he will soon get the message that when he pushes you push too, he will stop once he realizes this means he will fall off the table. I am not suggesting that you let him fall off the table but he has to be scared he will fall off the table or he will never stop. This works with poodle feet too, you know when a poodle pulls it's foot back when u are trying to shave it. If you just push the dog the same way it is pulling it throws them off balance and they stop doing it. It even works when we show dogs, my poodle wants to try and lean against me when I stack her so if I grab a little fur and pull her toward me she reacts by pulling away from me to balance her self. Give it a try.


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      Also if you have the deluxe

      Groomers Helper you can cross tie. Works with dogs and horses.
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        Since you already have good answers I will give you a stupid one..Give him antidepressant, so he won't try to commit suicide.ha ha. Really can't give better advice than they gave you.


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          try workn him on a pinch collar...maybe he will figure it out a little quicker lol


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            Since you have the Groomer's Helper, move the clamp on your grooming arm up, above the level of his muzzle. That will bring his head up without putting pressure on his throat.

            The other thing you can do is lift his tail. Just flick your hand under his tail, from the base to tip, several times. Getting his tail up will raise his head, and his attitude. Every time he starts leaning into the loop, flick his tail up.


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              I don't have the groomers helper, but if there was one type of dog that i wish that I had the groomers helper for it would be the ones that try to hang themselves, lol.
              On a sorta related note, I do a cocker that thinks if it lifts its head it will die! I've tried placing the loop higher up (advice from my boss) but she still pushes that little head down. I think that that drives me even more crazy than the dogs that try to hang themselves!
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                It must be the Groomers Helper, because I have very few head-hangers. And when I do, it is almost ALWAYS when I am trying to shave the dog's face. Then I just work with it, lol.

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