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    Traveler is much better...doc.doesn't talk. Not valley fever. only comment was go see the one and ONLY neurologist in Phoenix (170.00 visit) didn't say thinks it is Miningitis...I THINK it is. Spinal tap is dangerous in 11yr. MRI 1,000.00 I called Neu vet suppose to talk to Neu specialist first. My now X vet passed me off and acted like he coulkd care less. I think I need a woman who likes to talk and explain. Waiting for those two to discuss Travelers' options. He is NOT JUST A DOG! doctor......Walks well in PM> drop anti-infam wait 1 day and start prednisone/antibiotics combo. but If Meningitis.. I need to know. they should know from past symptom experiences. I plan to treat as if it is M. unless otherwise advised. Still not out of the woods. Even AM R rear leg better..sometimes leans inward..know heisn't normal. Jax is his companion. Waiting fo ok to bathe etc.