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  • In a pickle and upset

    I am really frustrated right now...
    I am TRYING to get this business going...but holy cow peoplea re making it difficult!
    My investor decided to recind on the contract and back out a day before we were ordering our the bedget went down we readjusted everything, bought second hand everything and going without on a ton of stuff...that was fine...

    Ordered my cards, they are coming soon...

    Well my phone was acting funny, could not take messages. So I called the phone company and they noticed a computer glitch (was going to pick up on ring #50! lol), fixed that but then mentioned they thought my phone number was wrong and would have to be changed. I argued for an hour that I have my sign up, cards made...they decided the number was fine (my question what was wrong with it in the first place)

    Insurance company claimed that they no longer covered grooming shops (ah no, thye are well known and popular and I have the quote in my hand...) hubby called and is signing the papers now.

    So, my last and biggest issue, registering the name. I have been calling the office since Nov NB you need a name search first then they will register the name. Every area has a designated company that does the name searches.
    Well the lady who owns the company (sole owner and employee) has been out since Oct, and was back today. I was so happy, got the paperwork to her and KABOOM!!!
    The name was registered in NS last month! I had no idea that they lumped NB and NS together. I cannot even call and request that I be allowed to use the name cause there is no name attached to the business, no phone # hooked up...dead end.
    I am literally heartbroken, I chose Barks n' Bubbles Pet Grooming, I am not allowed to use, Bark, Barks, Bubble, Bubbles in any form or wording..
    So my think budget is now broken, there is no money to pay to have another sign made, not even to buy wood to paint our own, I cannot afford more business cards...I feel like a BIG fool and failure. (I know I will be more calm in about 2 days but right now this hurts!).

    There is no use even wishing that I went to another agency becuase when this business was registered I was still in school and would not have been able to make it.

    I am not giving up but I LOVED the name and now I cannot use it...

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    How about Arf Ark? You'd be first and you may still be able to use your old sign. Good luck!!!


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      If you have a computer you can make your own cards CHEAP. Go to walmart and buy the business card paper. Or go to vista print and get 250 free ones. I made sure that my name was available before I got my trailer painted. I know too late for you and bad situation with the lady being out. I got an attorney to handle that stuff for me. It is best to get the LLC on a name if you can. It will work out. Did you try to go to the bank and get a loan?
      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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        Gosh Murphy's laws at work

        Well all that other crazy stuff aside, you mentioned you cannot use even either word barks or bubbles??? I would think one or the other could be used. I was thinking woofs and bubbles. But like you said already did cards etc. Wow. Okay woofs n wubbles. Arfs and suds. Sometime in the future you will laugh. Tell Murphy to take a flying leap and leave you alone!
        Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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          I am calming down...still sad over the loss of my name but really it is not mine!
          So I have submitted "A Bark Above Pet Grooming" corssing my finger this goes through!!


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            Hmmm. I would...

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              Don't give up. This is just a bump in the road. You can come up with a different name, find some computer stickers, print them up and put them on your cards you already have ordered. As far as your sign goes I'm not sure what kind you have on the way. Mine is just thin metal professionally painted, cost about $150.00. Maybe you could get by with just your name in a window until you generate some $$$..The business is worth it in the long run..keep on trying..


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                Wow that's a lot of roadblocks getting in your way!!! I can imagine how frustrated you must feel. It is frustrating when you try so hard to follow all the rules, dot all your i's cross all your t's when so many business owners don't. Your not a fool or a failure, I admire your "I'm not giving up" attitude.


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                  I actually love your new name, even more than the first one you picked. I do hope this one works.

                  Good luck, it will all work out in the end.

                  Tammy in Utah
                  Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                    Hey What are you saying Tammy!!


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                      I know everything seems completely goobered right now, but it will get better once you're past the administrative hurdles. I found them to be very stressful too , especially when I had a starting date in mind and needed to meet phone book deadlines, etc. The first name I chose for my business was rejected too when I tried to register the name with the corporation. I had my heart set on that name and it was disappointing. They approved the next one in time to register the business, and that turned out okay. The money thing sucks. I ended up maxing my line of credit the first year getting the bus. up, and had to take a 2nd job to pay it down, so I can relate to the stress of all that. But there might be some other options out there to make it more affordable for you, so don't give up, keep trying and good luck to you.


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                        Thank you for the kind words...
                        I jumoed the gun and admit that but I was in a rush to get my cards..I used Vista before, and they have sale and I can get 1000 for $40.00 so not too bad, so I lost $80. (I'll recoup it in some starting to think my monetary value in # of grooms)

                        Hubby and I counted change tonight, raided every piggy bank in the house (we collected the dimes and nickels like crazy), not much but enough for new cards and a homemade sign...things are brighter.

                        Still no word on A Bark Above but I will hear tomorrow morning, nice thing is it sounds classy, not cheasy, no one will be above my name in phone book.

                        I am trying to do this right, eveything honestly, and I am trying to go cheap too (somehow that does not seem to go hand in hand).

                        I have been very lucky, free labour from my hubby and Dad, the vet clinic is advertising for me, a groomer friend is sending me some much needed items she found, people have been very kind. I will get there, just today was full of bumps, and I really want off the ride today!


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                          Well, let's see how we can help... all of us can contribute ideas or supplies :-) I have a friend who can make your business cards (she owns a printing company that does all of UNiversal Studios Florida's printing).

                          Let me know how else we can help :-)


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                            Don't worry in a few months you will have alot less stress and be so glad you did this. Good luck!


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                              We can offer lots of cute names eh?

                              I like that better..don't thgink bubbles is that cute..sorry Pam. If you can wait..I bet we could come up with lotsa cute names. I never registered Noi Place Like Home..loved a really nicw young gal here has hwer mobikle w/ name..I am glad it is being used by a consciencious groomer to carry on after me out there.One of our members here.