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  • Bad dog to good dog

    I groom a Golden every 3 weeks. Today was the third time I've groomed this dog. The first time she was scheduled he hadn't been in for over a year. Her card said froot loop (yes froot, not fruit) and poops in tub. I thought, "great another psycho Golden." Luckily the dog had been going elsewhere for grooming. The notes on the card were written by the 2 previous groomers. So the first time I did her, she was a complete nutcase. Freaked out, jumped all over, tried to hand herself, etc. She was a lot better for the drying though. Then the second time she came in, I was expecting the same behavior. She was remarkably better. Then today, she was an absolute angel. She tried to lay down in the tub and wouldn't stand when I was pushing on her tummy, but she finally stood up. She was so well behaved. I loved it. The complete opposite from the first time I did her which was just a couple months ago. Plus she hasn't pooped in the tub once. So I don't know if I should accredit the other groomer for training her on grooming or if she's comfortable with me. Cause frankly the last couple groomers, my boss says, were really intimidating to the dogs. There are a lot of cards with notes on them such as, bites for nails, takes 2 people to do, pees and bites when picking up. I haven't had a problem with one of the those dogs. One nips me a little when I do her nails, but her card says bites hard for nails. I just get a little nip, more of a mouthing when I do her nails. So I'd like to think it's me.

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    I would say it was you that calmed her down. Good job.
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      IMO pets have people preferences just like WE do LOL!! Maybe you just suit her


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        It's very possible she just liked you better! We have several groomers at work, and different dogs are good with different groomers!
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