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Anyone else grooming in Western NY?

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  • Anyone else grooming in Western NY?

    I'm just trying to find out if there is anyone else on this board grooming in the western NY area. (Buffalo/ Jamestown area) I would love to put a Groomers association together in this region and most of the "locals" I spoken to have NO interest.....

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    I live in cny, and I still know how you feel though. I was trying to get an apprenticeship type thing around here and none of the groomers were interested in that either. I am trying again soon, maybe putting resumes out this week. I did find someone here to help me out, and there is so much info on this board! But a groomers association sounds like a great idea. Buffalo is about 2 hrs from here, but still.


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      Hi Jeanette...your name sounds really familiar...

      There are a few of us on this board from WNY. Im in Lockport. Allan and Terry I know are in WNY area and there was another girl whose screen name escapes me.

      I tried a few years ago to get a few people together now and then, and only had a few that were I gave up on it. If it is something you want to do, let me know, I have a few grooming friends in the Amherst area that would probably be interested too.


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        Jessica- Thanks for the reply. I did work and train for Petsmart. Also the cover of Groomer to Groomer was me as well. I would love to compile a list of names and start something in the spring. I would really love to get an official association started, it is something that could seriously benefit all of us in this area. Lets see what we can do.


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          where exactly are you (2 hrs from buffalo) i assume near syracuse?? That still wouldn't be too bad and if all goes well the drive would really be worth it. As I would like to have a monthly meeting (or every 2 months) with each having focus on one specific breed being the main purpose. Email me with your name and contact info and I will keep you posted. Thanks for the interest! [email protected]


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            Hi Im in Western PA but would be interested , like others have said I also attempted to start an org in this area with no one even interested.



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              I am in WNY. Just outside of Jamestown.
              I have an in home grooming shop.

              Gab. ;-)


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                I'm in Lancaster, NY


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                  Everyone interested.....please email me at [email protected] with contact information and let me know if you specialize in any breeds. I am hoping for a first meeting late spring/ early summer (after Intergroom for sure). And Thank You all for being interested!!!!! This can be very beneficial for all of us. I will keep you posted.