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  • Email reminders?

    There was such a response to the post below about reminders, I thought I'd start another one. My 123 Pet software will send reminders but I've never done this. Anyone tried it or any other method of reminders? I'm always looking for ways to make my life easier!


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    What if...

    Seems like it would be less work, but what if people don't read email every day? Or don't check their spam folder, where it is possible that your reminder could end up? We send email confirmations to every new customer, and email shipping notices to every on-line customer, who places an order with us, and I can tell you many of them never saw the email before they are on the phone asking for the same info we sent. People just don't read all of their email everyday and some people never even think to check their spam folder regularly. In my case, the orders will be charged and sent whether they read the email or not. In your case, if they don't read thier email, and forget your appointment, it was wasted effort. Sometimes, a more personal touch is appreciated.


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        I've been doing email reminders through 123pet for 8 months and its awesome. It works for the majority of my clientele. I get lots of positive feedback from them about how much they love and appreciate it and the best part is it's automatic!!! I don't have to do anything other than type in their email address one time.

        My client base is over 200 people and I have less than 10 of them that I actually have to call by phone because they don't have a computer or they are sight impaired, etc.

        It saves so much time and after grooming all day and returning regular inquiry calls and appointment calls, the last thing I feel like doing is coming home and making reminder calls, too!

        I highly recommend this!