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  • How much did your shop cost

    I was curios, Ive been reading post of just out of school groomers and others who have been doing it for while. how much did you spend to start your busniess'?
    what size is your shop, kind of equipment, how long have you been in busniess?

    I just opened my salon 7 months now, i spent total of 26,000. I was lucky my hubby did all the contruction since hes in the busniess and has friends that helped us on the eletrical so I was able to get top of the line. my salon is 1000 sq ft. i have two tubs all tile enclosed, with a built in step built in tables all tiled that are connected to the tubs for ease. my dryers are under the tubs enclosed for low noise and to protected them from hair and switches on the front of the table. and i have a soft water system which is great.. and the grooming section is set up with full counter and upper and lower cabinets mass storage space, no roll around carts. I have cubbies but i let all the pups run around ( and the do get along big dog which i dont do much of go in a crate just to be on the safe side. and i have a incrediable entry with a tile entry a wicker couch, table, bistro and tv. very palm desert. tell us about your pride and joy I love My Salon SuperMutts of El Paseo

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    I moved into a room that was pretty much set up for grooming. They had 2 tables (one hydraulic, one not) and 2 tubs already in there, other than that, I put up some walls, waterproofed the bathing room with sheets of this plasticy wall stuff, I already had my equipment, but bought some doubles of things, and a CV, and HV dryer. I spent less than $5,000 to start my shop. I've been there for a year in October and have made that money back and started turning a profit. However, I have an awesome location that is the key to my success.
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      My husband renovated our garage (not attached) too. He is in construction which made it so nice, but it took almost a year to complete. Wiring, plumbing, all things big and small - we started from scratch with just the shell existing. With 1 tub, 1 table, custom cabinets w/ tile counters, tile floors, new windows, crates (everything really except some older equipment and my clippers) we spent around $7000. We also did 1 overnight suite (kennel) as well with an attached play yard. The shop is around 700 sq feet, plus I have a storage room with a washer/dryer and a potty - but in there it's the basics, we still have to put flooring down, sheetrock, etc. I don't really have a theme going on, just lots of puppy dog stuff everywhere and our 2 pet guinea pigs. I love my Salon too, and I get lots of compliments on it. It's especially nice for the area and people really seem to appreciate that.


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        I am very curious to see more responses because one day I would like to open my own shop and I have no idea right now how much people spend doing it!


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          lets see

          Dry wall for the ceiling. 175
          nails and hardware. 40
          Spackle and tape 35
          Floor coating 90
          concrete patch 40
          sink free
          water hookup hardware 75
          strainers 30
          lumber for front wall. 95
          Insulation 60
          Paint 5 gallons 90
          permit fee 250 770 so far

          thats not tools for my business
          850 basic set
          300 dryer
          200 cages
          75 office supplies
          50 basic dog suplies bandanas bows etc.
          probably 100 misc shampos and other equipement.
          no decor yet. Total so far 1345 Im forgeting something because I know I turned in 1650 in expenses for 06, and some of the above I purchased this year. I would say around 2 grand give or take should get me going.

          I still need signage, advertizing, a room heater, a couple of fans, business insurance. ( around 250 a year).
          Take into consideration this is a garage attached to my home.
          or I should say 3/4 of one.( walk in closet off of master bedroom uses other 1/4) It was already walled and insulated and had a water hookup.
          375sq ft.


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            Hi Redbird,

            I was wondering, what kind of cages did you get for $200? I was looking in to cages for a shop and most are really expensive. Are your cages the stacked kind?

            Hey post some pics people, I would love to see your shops!!


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              My shop is a garage that is attached to the house.It has only one tub but room for two, two grooming stations and a large area for the dogs to play in.
              Almost 400 sq feet(20 x 20) It is state of the art and I did it myself for just under $7000 and that includes all my grooming tools and dryers. Toys were extra at $16.00


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                  I spent around $5000 on equipment. I bought a lot of box fans on clearance at Walmart that dry dogs great! Saved some moola. I have regular dryers also, but do love the fans. No heat & they're quiet. Try to find some used stuff? Crates/ dryers/ etc. in good condition.
                  Try for used furniture/storage/etc for your shop. There are some wonderful deals there also. Cut corners all you can, without compromising the quality of your salon.

                  In addition, I saved 6 mos rent & utilities in the bank. That helped A TON. I started my shop from scratch with no prior clientele since I had only recently moved to this state. VERY scary to do -but it has worked out well, and I had the comfort of knowing my bills were in the bank for the 1st 6 mos..... So that was another $4000.

                  Also, find out what advertising works in your area. I learned that out the hard way! Live & learn I guess lol.


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                    My home shop was built almost 5 years ago as a 12x12 addition to the house. It cost $25,000 to construct. Toilet, water tank, tub, outside fence, and portch, paint, etc. I spent an additional $5,000 on equipment, crating and decoration. It's totally self contained and very cute cottage theme. I love it and so do my clients.

                    Before that, I leased space in a shopping complex in another area. Remodel cost about $19,000-for 1200 sq ft. Lots of plumbing work for 2 DIY tubs plus my own tub. That was in 1987, so would be way more today. Because it was in a shopping center, the work had to be done by a contractor per city code, something to watch out for for you do-it-yourselfers.
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                      What can I say except that I am a penny pincher! ha ha I love to hear the brags about your shops, yours sounds exquisite, Supermutt! (gotta love that name!) I left my old job on a Thursday and started in my new shop on Monday. We had 2 weekends to get up and running in the new space. There was a lot to tear out before we built new. We built several walls, put in a new floor, all cabinets, bathtub, plumbing, counters, work stations and reception area. Friends gave me three upper and two lower cabinet sets. I started with nothing on the floor except uglyness where carpet had been torn out! I bought dryers, shampoo and a table in addition to construction material. I opened for about $7500. I love my shop! Super location and all is comfortable & nice to work in.


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                        Don't just tease us with words---show us pictures. Give us newbies some hope!!!!


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                          Ok...So I'm attaching some pics of my shop per your request. There should be 6 pics. Let me know what you think - I was doing some cleaning so it's not super tidy, but when is it?

                          My shop is an old outbuilding/garage behind my house (yup it's snowing today - brrrrr) that we renovated.
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                            MiLhasa Villa & Grooming Salon

                            MORE pics....
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                              MiLhasa Villa & Grooming Salon

                              LAST set of pics....

                              Hopefully I didn't upload any duplicates. The last pic is of the overnight kennel/run that we just finished, the play yard is thru the doggie door.
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