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another question about 'how many dogs'

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  • another question about 'how many dogs'

    I think i've asked before about how many dogs people do in a day, but I'm now wondering something new.... I do 5-6 dogs in an 8 / 8.5 hour day. This is wash, dry, and groom all on my own. I think this is average... do you all? I don't see myself being able to do any more than that any time soon without getting burned out, but I get a lot of 'flack' from the shop owner about being able to do more. Additionally, my shop typically requires that the groomer consult with the customer before bringing the dog in, which takes time, bring dogs out when they're picked up and to answer the phone if necessary and your available. So, anyway, my question is....does anyone get a decent commission and have a bather? I'm thinking of looking for a new shop to enter but wonder what really is the norm?

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    I think that is a good pace. If you are bogged down with other responsibilities then 5-6 a day is quite fine. If someone did the office work i think you could do an extra but not what you are saying. Pace yourself. If you feel rushed and stressed then cut back.
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      I work in a vet clinic. They bring in most of the dogs, if there is a question or if its a new client, they call me up. They also answer the phone and make appts and take the dogs out. They also clean my room (so spoiled). I groom alone, no bather, do 10-15 a day on average, can do as many as 25. Of course this includes some short haired baths.



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        I think you should do the number of dogs you are comfortable with. Some days you could do more and some days less, alot depends on the condition and breed of dog. People always ask how many do can you do and I always say that depends on how good you want them done. When asked to do more then your willing to do I feel that is when you rush and then forget things like doing nails or cleaning ears. I would rather do 6 good grooms then 8 bad.


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          How many dogs a groomer can do in a day is so subjective. Everyone works at their own pace, and there's a huge difference between dogs. Even little dogs.

          I did two toy poodles today. They're close to the same size, and both were in good shape. Both get groomed every 4 weeks, so we're not talking major work. Just a bath and tune-up. But one took twice as long as the other, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is his age and health.

          There are dogs I can do in 20 minutes, start to finish, and a few that take 2 hours. I can usually do 6 dogs in 5 hours. But if I get 2 of the 2 hour dogs, and 4 little guys, it takes longer, obviously.

          I think there needs to be less emphasis on numbers of dogs, and more consideration for the amount of time some dogs require, and more emphasis on charging a price that reflects the amount of time spent to groom the dog. If they're being charged for the amount of work being done, no one would be fussing about numbers.


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            Tell your employer that if they take some of those extraneous duties off you that you can do another dog a day.
            Also, don't do each dog straight thru. Bathe three, roll them up in towels and put in crate. Go back and force dry two, bathe two more, force dry the third one, groom a couple, force dry the last too, then groom the rest.
            By doing them in cycles and letting the towels do a lot of the work of getting the excess moisture off, readying them for blowdrying.
            Don't do anything to a dirty dog. Straight into the tub. If they are matted, wash twice, rinse throughly, add a good dematting product, let sit a while, then force dry; that will blow the mats apart, and shedding hair will fly off.
            Then, once they are totally dry,t hen do your nails, pads, ears, pattern, and scissor. You will find you are saving about 10-20 minutes per dog.


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              I like to do nails before bath just in case I nick them that way they can be cleaned up without rewashing feet. I also find the dogs that hate getting nails done stress less over it cauz it is the first thing they hate to get done.
              I am mobile and some days I can do 3-4 and some days I can do 12. I have one place that I go that has 12 of all shape and size. I do 2 at a time. I am usually there for 8-9 hours. I also don't take but 1 15 min break. Like Helly said. It all depends on the dogs you are doing. If they want quantity not quality then maybe you should look for another job.
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                Personally, I put up with that **** myself (pardon me) for 25 more years than I should have. This business is not about DO More ... Do More ... but about do better, learn more, please your customers, be proud of your work, develope your skills, enjoy your work! Don't let anyone pressure you into burning out.


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                  I do 5-8 a day from start to finish. I am by myself and as Helly said it depends on the dogs. When I am booking a new dog I give a little extra time just in case and it also gives me time to get to know the dog and the dog to get to know me
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                    I remember

                    at the store saying as I put a dog away for the 4th time during a finish, I can't even groom. I did 6 usually, but often stressed.

                    So when someone wants to push numbers, I came back to whomever: "how long does it take to do a dog?". Hmm haws etc. I would say then, "the answer is it depends on the dog." I'd share a few words about mats, thick coats, wigglers, biters, kept up dogs etc. Like Helly said, some are fast to do some take long.

                    Long ago when groomers charged enough 5 a day was a good happy dog loving pace, and one made a living at that. I was in shock when I went back to grooming after having been out as the rush rush rush attitude prevailed, just so a living could be made.

                    Sounds good to me what you are doing and nothing creates accidents as much as rushing, IMO. Ask them how long it takes to do a dog?
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                        I worked for someone that was more impressed w/numbers. I would get in trouble if I took 10 extra minutes to make sure the dog was blow dried all the way, or actually take time to dematt if matted, she didn't want this. It was all about how many dogs u can do in a day. I never did get that.


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                          I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. if you are charge decent prices and earn a decent wage per dog you shouldnt have to try and groom 10 dogs per day to make any money worth having.many customers dont want the speed groomer that does just so so work to get through their aily appointments .yes some clients will expect their pet to be in and out in say 2 hrs (MINE DON"T)if by chance the dog is in and out in a 2 hr time frame it was by pure chance lol and most know this in advance .take pride in your work charge accordingly you will find you wont have to work so hard to get ahead.a normal day for me is 5-6 dogs or more depending on bookings and breeds but I can earn a decent living on 5 dogs per day 4-5 days a week


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                            I'll second what others have said...

                            It depends on the dog...
                            25 Chihuahua's in an 8 hour period
                            12 labs in an 8 hour period
                            6 toy poodles in an 8 hour period
                            3-4 Samoyeds in an 8 hour period...

                            Still gotta leave what I call "wiggle" room.

                            You should do what is comfortable for you...
                            On average I like to do 5-6 with little stress...
                            But have done upwards of 14 in a day...but then we aren't talking in 8 hours...and we're talkin' some stress.

                            Firm believer in quality over quantity!!


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                              I'm pretty much with Helly. But on average I work an 8 hour day and do 8 dogs a day, more if there are bath only dogs and less if there are std. poos and newfies. I also do everything, check in/out, answer phones and do the grooms start to finish. One thing that really helps is to have a system with the way you do things. For the hair cut itself I always do the pads, armpits, butt and belly area first, then I go over the body and legs or just body depending on the clip once, then I do the head completely, then the tail, and then I work the body about 2 more times