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    This message was getting burried in another thread and it is so important to me that I want it to be here where many more groomers can see it.

    "Stephen Note: There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with asking your clientele to refer others. Don't they want you to grow and be prosperous, and to be around the next time they wanted grooming? That is one way my mother had almost 6,000 REGULARS in the 4 to 12 week range year round in her appt program. There is so much complaining on this board customers which sets up a false statement of what client relations is in pet grooming. I have hundreds of business owners who are shocked at the way some choose to talk about clientele and it gives newbies the wrong idea, it's all shock value entertainment when that happens here, and that is why I cannot get hundreds of truly successful owners to share here. However, I do want to note those of you that do honor your customers here, we see your posts, it's just that we see too many today, they come in waves, of building importance by slamming some clients where you deal with the situation and let it go and don't discolor the board to where newbies have written me and asked doesn't anyone like their customers? We loved our clients and they built one of the largest businesses that originally was not our goal, I think it was the terrible lack of client relations and professional services for humans at the front desk that people ran for, so sure, share the dream of your business and let them help you with the lifeblood of grooming, referrals."

    It is sad that newbies overlook the fact that groomers want to find out what is the best shampoo, the best equipment, the best haircut, and the best way to handle client problems so we can serve our wonderful customers the best way possible! We are not braggarts by nature, we are humble, we clean up a lot of dog poo to make a living! So, we don't tell everyone here about our greatest customers, our lavish gifts, our finest moments but maybe it is time we DID!

    I have had so many referals that in just 7 short months I no longer accept new clients. WOW no more OAY dogs. People love me and trust me with their dearest companion. If I need help I can choose from a long list of lawyers, accountants, mechanics, handymen, painters, and on & on! They will do their finest work for me on a personal level because I am their best friends friend and their friend as well!

    Maybe it's time that we do a little bragging here and let everyone who is just lurking around know that grooming takes a special person but the rewards are great.

    Sorry this got long but I wanted to stress a point here and acknolwedge Stephens comment. We groomers are a rare breed (ha ha) that disagree with the statement: "It is better to be pissed off than to be pissed on" because we know that if we are pissed OFF eveything is lost! (getting pissed ON is blase). We love our customers/ we love our dogs (even if they belong to other people). My brag is a "closed clientele after only 7 months", please share your greatest BRAG with all of us.
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    OOPS, forgot one major point -- mine are ALL referrals, I have done almost NO advertising.


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      Good for you on being full in seven months.I'm working on getting my sister inlaw that works in my other van full of clients.I'm contstantly telling my clients that if they are happy to refer me to friends and family.I know that has been what has made us successful.Word of mouth is the greatest advertisement one can hope for.I did also not have to advertise.This time with two people to pay we are doing some advertising to get the ball rolling so to speak.I guess it is easy to make comments about things that we don't like.I do love the clients that treat me nice which is more than half.I am grateful to have them.I treat all the clients with great service and like to be treated well in return.Mobile is definitely the best career move I've made.


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        As for the forum, I've learned some new things here, but sometimes can't stand all the negativity...
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          word of mouth(client referal )is the best form of advertizment.without them you have no for is being pissed off better than being pissed on? depends on whos peeing this line of work I'd rather be peed on the pooped on and yes that has also happened lol..more than I would like to count lol.its all part of the job discription( to those new groomers or wanna be groomers this is in your contract in very fine print lol.this is not a glamorous career ,But I wouldnt dream of doing anything else


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            I never really thought about it, but it is true that we tend to spotlight the bad and not say much about the good. I think the reason is that we need a place to vent, and this is the place because everyone here understands where we are coming from. That being said, it is quite discraceful how our wonderful customers (which outweigh the stinkers by far) are rarely every spotlighted.
            So thank you to all of my wonderful clients that enable me to run my business and who trust me w/their cherished family members. You may not get acknowledged very often but we know who you are and we do appreciate and love you and your furbabies.
            SheilaB from SC


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              We have some of the best

              We have some of the best clients you could hope to have--given, there are some bad ones too. I know alot of people really depend on tips and all, but the best tip we get is when our friendliest and most pleasant clients come in---I would much rather have someone who was a pleasure to deal with than one who is a big tipper. I love some of our clients and am just flattered that they would choose our shop over others to trust us with one of the treasures they hold dearest to their heart. We too have done almost no advertising. Your clients that are on standing appointments are what make your business---they ARE your business, the others that cause you problems are only an afterthought.


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                Stephens comment was attached to a response in a thread I started about what do you do, when a customer (cusomers breeder in this case) sells a dog, that has a weird clip. This one in paticular had got a standard poodle from a breeder w/poodle feet going half way up the leg. What happens when someone asks who groomed your dog?
                I can honestly say I don't have any bad customers. Being mobile we get pretty close to our clients, and they get close to us. I have several moms, dads, grandpas, and grandmas. They all try to feed you, lavish you with gifts, and take care of you. I even got tickets to Disney Land on Christmas.


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                  yeah we do tend to vent a lot!

                  i have many wonderful clients, lots of refferals, including two toy poodles that get 'capri pants'

                  my biggest complement lately were a customer whom i was very nervous doing the dog, a lot of customer complaints on file. 5 minutes after she picked him up i get a call... "i don't know what you did... but he's perfect"
                  a few days later i get two westies that were the same case, lot's of complaints. i tried to fix a bad doo on one of them and this was the next trim. hubby picks them up, a few minutes later the phone rings," i just wanted to tell you how great they both look and what a wonderful job you do"

                  there's my bragging i wish there was room to brag about ALL my great clients!


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                    Those calls just make your day dont they.


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                      I cannot complain about my clients at all. They are awesome. There are some quirky owners but they want what they want. I by the way am a quirky owner.

                      So, I salute my customers and if I've ever had a bad day and vented, didn't mean to come off as unappreciative.

                      This is a service industry and I strive to provide the best service to each and every customer. Don't get tipped by all, but have received a couple of hugs when the owners pick up their adorable dogs and that's fine by me. Tons of referrals have come my way, some even from other groomers. I wouldn't hesitate to refer to another groomer friend in the area if I couldn't handle a pet. Even the best groomers lose business if their customer service isn't there.

                      So, just wanted to say, I get it Stephen. Thanks for the reminder.


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                        it's easy to lose sight ....

                        it can be very easy to lose sight of the VITAL importance of your customers, especially when dealing with difficult client relations situations. it can sometimes seem like they are more of a nusiance then they are benefitting you, BUT they are the very reason for your business and your way of life! my boss is continuously bringing up this point, with EVERY employee - not just receptionists ... but bathers, kennel techs & groomers. I think many people get into dog grooming because they "LOVE" dogs, but you also have to love (or at least enjoy), dealing with people - dog owners are the other 1/2 of it!


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                          99% of my customers are wonderful, teriffic, super pet owners, and nice people. I can't say enough good things about them. I could write a book about them, seriously. They are like my 'other' family. They feed me(homemade buttermilk fried chicken!!), chastize me for not wearing a coat when it's cold, offer to bring me coffee etc. In return I stay as flexible for them as I can, do extra services for free and try to always keep myself available. I will even be bringing one client to Backer with me if she can go. One customer noticed my raw hands and bought me a big bottle of berry scented lotion for the holidays that rides in my cab. Another remembered my uncle has cancer and lights candles for him at church. One gave me a beautiful antique Nipper statue for my parents when she moved because she remembered my dad worked for RCA years ago. She's never even met my parents! Many of my clients have jumped on my charity bandwagon (I donate my tips several times a year and I let my customers know where the money is going. Some will give me extra for the cause, isn't that so nice of them??) I smile now just thinking of them. At our NJ Mobiler dinners we get together and we all brag about how great our clients are. If you don't believe me you should come sometime. I could go on and on about my great clients and I know most groomers could too.(Misty, how many mothers do you have again? Jetset, have you finished that chicken parm yet?) I've found the quality of clientele is much higher mobile than when I was in stationary places; I'm sure others have had different experiences in that regard and that's fine too.

                          I think the problem isn't that groomers hate their human clients- quite the opposite in fact. Let's face it, these people are paying our mortgages, funding our retirement accounts and allowing us to do a job we love. It's just that the 1% that drives us crazy will be most discussed, not the other way around. Sure we can vent to our significant others or other friends but who would understand like another groomer does? Getting the bad stuff off my chest allows me to smile and treat my fabulous clients well and get on with my day rather than drag a bad experience from appointment to appointment

                          On the rare occasion when I do have a problem, it's almost always with a new client, and usually is the result of a lack of communication. In that case I'm mostly irritated with myself. I've had my share of scary situations in customer service but those were few and far between. With mobile my number one complaint is other drivers that do dangerous things on the road and scare me.


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                            Yeah, I have some great ones too. I'm sure I have some great stories if I sat and thought about them, but the first one that comes to mind is a goldendoodle I did the other day for her first groom at 7 months. I expected a huge matt ball to walk in, but she was in fabulous condition. Just some knots in her armpits. Mom did a GREAT job! Well, I groomed her, and didn't know what to do with all her hair (and she had a lot!!). I get an email a couple days later, with a pic of the dog, and mom's saying how great she looks and she can't walk down the street without numerous people asking her about the dog and groomer. That really warms my heart.

                            We don't say enough about our good clients, but when they make the effort to get in touch with us and say how great we did it makes my whole week!!
                            No Fur, No Paws, No Service.


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                              I have great clients also. I've had good ones and bad ones. I get rid of the problem ones pretty quick...and you know the ones Im talkn about. I get asked out to dinner with them...went shopping with a few...we have a great time. They're like my friends, cept they don't take advantage of me! LOL I'm pretty honest with them..about their dogs..about my life,,they all know what the scoops are lol They are the ones providing me a way to make it in this world and I never let them forget it..and neither do I. Being a single parent...they are my bread and butter. I love them dearly.