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    Hi guys. I have posted here before but lost my old name didn't come up so I have a new name...
    Anyway I was asking about websites....I wanted to set up a website and am really clueless about it. I want a nice there a place I can go for this?

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    Here is a very simple solution for you. Go to There you will find information that will help you build your own website using their easy to use tools. You will first need to obtain and register your domain name, which is really easy to do on that site as well. Then, you sign up for webbuilding toolkit with a 5 page is pretty cheap, maybe $14/month. It is so easy a child could do it. There are many templates and different designs to choose from, you can literally have a nice looking website in 20 minutes by simply using their tools. I have directed several friends there and they are all happy with it and can't believe it was so easy. Here is my website,

    I used their webbuilding tools and spent literally no time on my site. In fact, it could probably be better but i put all my energy into my personal website (which is not built on this platform and is much more complex) so I really wanted something easy, fast, affordable. It will pay off! I get calls all the time from people who say they decided to call me after visiting my one else in my town has a website.