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    I was sitting at home all day trying to rest up and get over a cough so out of boredom I started looking for random dog grooming videos on youtube, here are a few I've come across: (I wonder if the guy acts like that when picking the dog up at the groomers)

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      I have been trying to watch them but the keep stopping. Annoyed me, so I won't watch them.
      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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        Diam:If the keep stoping push pause and let the red line run (yes there's a red line that has to stay ahead of where you are and then it'll stop if it doesn't


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          I love the one with the Airedale puppy. How many groomers have an hour to spend treating and training all of your puppys the way they did in the video? I would love to take time to do that but am lucky when I have a 20 minute gap betweeen two dogs.


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            the nail trim one was cool, it looks easy enough to train a dog, just time consuming. in the "pet stylist" video, saw her lift that aussie (I think it was, can't remember) onto the table, and my back just hurt from seeing her do it. Hopefully they teach how to lift at those petsomething schools.