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  • silicone in products

    I noticed that many of the dematting sprays and leave on conditioners have silicone in them. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any negatives of using products that contain it.
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    There are different types of silicone. Usually when someone thinks of silicone, they think of the caulking around the sink and bathtub. There are other silicones that are used as lubricants, those are made for sprays and jellies. They are harmful if ingested but not otherwise. It helps loosen the mats.

    Have you ever read the ingredients on eye drops? It contains hydrochloric acid. That stuff will eat thru skin with no burns or anything and kill anything living. It doesn't come out of clothes and is extremely hazardous. However if mixed with the right base it becomes neutral.

    Same thing here.

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      I personally prefer to add a silicone product if I feel it is necessary for the coat type I'm working on. And if I use them I also use Clean Start/AfterBath as my shampoo and rinse of choice so I avoid product build-up.