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Anyone have a shop in a rental house? (U dont live in)

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  • Anyone have a shop in a rental house? (U dont live in)

    On Feb 20th my landlord will find out if our building gets torn down for the new 5 lane highway that is being put in.....It just depends on what side of the road they decide to wipe out I guess.

    Well I was telling a client of mine about it today, and he said he has a home on a main road about 5 min. from my current shop he would rent out to me if I was interested. The rent would be cheaper then my current location. Its a 2 bedroom home w/ a fenced in yard, commercially zoned.

    Anyone ever renovate a home into a salon? I was thinking hmmmm possibilities??????? I told him I would get with him after Feb 20th, when we knew the news...What do you guys think? The house is cute, I drove by it today - and they said they dont care what I do to the house.....

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    Sounds like a decent opportunity. But really check into it and make sure it really is a commercial zone and you don't have nosey neighbors that would make a stink over it. You know the type, Mrs. Kravitz from Bewitched...haha.


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      Sure did at one time. It was a really cute little house , was built in 1909 or there about. It looked like a small version of a "pained Lady" lots of gingerbread, very cute. Had a big window in the front. Was a long skinny house, something like 16 feet by 50 feet. One bedroom, kitchen, living room and bath. It worked for us. I used the main living room as a table room, reception area, the kitchen was a great bathing, drying room, (and I always had nice hot towles out of the dryer) The biog tub in the bath was just right for the big dogs, the back bedroom was super as a cage holeding area. We had a nice uard and excercise area. Great little house.

      When I moved to AZ, I sold my business to my assitstant, and she kept the place for a while. I think there is still a groomer in it to this day. Great drive by, and super eye apeal.

      They can be really nice.


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        When I first opened my shop it was in a home that I converted into a shop. It is now a parking lot for the car dealership that was located behind me.. The place that I am in now was a house once upon a time ago, but it was also daycare for a long time before I made it into a grooming shop. If you are asking if this can work out, my answer is YES!!!! If the place you are thinking of has a fenced in yard that is a BIG plus!!! I have a fence where I am now, but the first place did not....nerve wracking!
        SheilaB from SC


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          It sounds like it has real possibilities! The only thing to be careful of is double check the zoning allowances. Even though it's "commercial", there could be restrictions on signage and stuff.. so better check into that before signing the lease (if you do indeed need to move).


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            Sounds like a fun project if you can make it work. Cheaper rent.
            If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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              rental house shop

              yes I had a shop in a house i rented in west virginia, west virginia doesnt have any laws so to speak so you cannot judge them for anywhere else. i am disabled and i groomed one dog at a time and then the next one came and i only did one or two dogs a day. but coming from a former paralegal as long as the zoning laws allow a groom shop and your landlord gives you the Ok there should be no problem at all, I change the back sunroom (that I used as grooming room) floor from carpet to wood laminate.


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                  I did, my salon is a 100 year old home. At first I was renting, but purchased it this past May. I get more compliments on how my little shop feels like a cottage (it is only 1200 sqft).

                  Here are some examples of what we did:

                  We knocked huge holes into an interirior wall and put large Windows, this is now the bathing room, so that we can see if an emergency would ever arise with the bather.


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                    This house is surrounded by businesses....and conveniently, next to my bank! LOL deposits would be easy? haha. And mmmmmm Domino's pizza across the street! They said they recently ripped the carpet out because of their dogs and there was hardwood underneath......I will have to see when the time comes to go look at it. Its actually like a stone home....very cute. Nice lot where parking wouldnt be a problem.....and we're in an area with very little zoning laws, etc.

                    My stepmom is an awesome Interior Designer, I would LOVE for her to come on down and help me. Part of me is sort of intrigued by the thought of it, and how cute it could be with some work.... If my building stays standing, I will stay in that - I had to renovate this building a bit, and I love the location - its across the street from my children's school and my son, who has Aspergers Syndrome (mild autism) and some other issues, needs me often. AND where I am now is right by our home also.

                    I guess I'll wait till the 20th and see what happens.....BUT it's nice to know, if they bulldoze it down, I have somewhere to go that is closeby!