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strange shih tzu haircut

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  • strange shih tzu haircut

    I groomed a shih tzu yesterday that had a haircut that I have never seen. In my opinion it was rather strange, but the owner said they loved the way he looked. The only way I can describe it is a semi-lion cut . Around the neck and shoulders area the hair was about 6 inches long. About half way down the back it was shorter, probably about 4 inches in lenghth. Down the sides of the body it was even shorter than that. I really winged the haircut trying to follow what the other groomer did. It came out OK, and the customer did rebook. I was wondering if anyone does a haircut similiar to what I've described, and if so, how do you do it?
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    Where is the pic of the dog? I am a visual
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      Boy, get a picture...I'm with diamienono. Could you spell thT FOR ME HOW IT SOUNDS? i groomed my Jax with a Westie head. black/silver miniSchn. but his cheeks looked funny. looked like a Dandy Dinmont. Today, I gave him a cocker schnoogie,a Cocker cliet used to call it. "I don't want a Schnoogie on her" Anyway, una-brows look cute-rest Schn trim. Then find Halle pooped in crate w/ gooo poop. soft. fun keepin feet outta that,while picking her up to take to van for quicky bath. Fun Sat. after for clients'. Nap time. still have smell in my nose. Oust...can still smell . Sometimes, I think P&p is all I smell.


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        It sounds like a low chen clip, is this what it looked like?


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          I groom one similarly. I use SOC to achieve the different lengths but I can't blend it per owner request. She called it a Daisy when I first started grooming for her. It is cute but not my cup of tea---may be why I have Poodles and Cockers, reckon?

          Weirdest way I've ever groomed a Shih Tzu was to do a 15 on the face but leave the top of the head. Poodle feet (owner called them pajama feet LOL!!) and horse tail. (Comb straight back off of tail and just whack it off so it looks like a horses tail and I think that is sooooo unbecoming!) And for goodness sake don't EVEN touch the ears!!!! Not even to trim the scragglies. I used to ask the owner to let everyone know that I was so gracious that I even did their designer trim. (They own a hair salon...) That liitle one passed away several years ago and they are still upset about it so the new girl I get to do a nice 5/8" SOC trim that is sooooo cute-she looks like a little teddy bear