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    I'm the only one working in my shop, so I don't have to worry about other people, but am trying to figure out an emergency plan for my shop. What to do if a dog gets severely injured and I have to leave to take them to the vet's? Fire? Gas leak? Etc etc.

    Do you guys have plans? If so, please share, and do you make them public to your clients? Or only if they ask, etc.
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    Have an emergency contact person. Someone you call if you have to leave your shop for any reason (injured dog, injured groomer) who can take over until you're able to return. They should have a set of keys and know where everything is, especially water shut off and electrical breaker box. Have a list of procedures for them to refer to.

    In case of fire, gas leak, etc, get out of the building. If you can safely remover pets, do so, but don't risk your life. Have a plan for where to go, and make your emergency contact person aware of where you'll be. You can't just let the pets loose outside. Have something in mind for where you'll put the pets once you get outside.

    Designate a safe area in your shop in case of weather related emergencies. If your area is prone to tornados or severe windy storms you need to determine where in your shop is the safest shelter, and be prepared to move pets to that area if possible. And keep in mind that pets will be safer in carriers than they will be loose. Store a few gallons of drinking water in your designated shelter area, just in case you get trapped.

    If someone enters your shop with the intent to rob you, GIVE THEM THE MONEY! Give them whatever they want. Your number one goal is to survive.

    Since you work alone, having some sort of silent alarm wouldn't be a bad idea. I used to work at a store, many years ago, that had a special slot in the cash drawer. It looked just like the rest of the compartments that held bills, but if you removed all the money in that slot (it was where the $20 bills were kept) it triggered a silent alarm at the police station.


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