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    Does anyone work in a shop that has a bather/owner and they do the baths and you do all the grooms---but are then only making 40% commission?

    I know of such a place and the owner told me that he would hire me on once I get through school. But I am wondering if you really end up making more or less. I would think that you would make more if its a busy day and you can get more grooms in, however if its slow...

    I am not mathmatically inclined, if you can't tell! LOL

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    Do you mean that the bather is bathing and drying your groom dogs for you or just doing the bath only dogs? If they are bathing and drying for you and you are just doing the actual haircut for 40% I think it's not a bad deal. I get 50% on grooms and do all my own bathing. I would think if you are doing just the haircuts you could make pretty good money at 40% assuming that they have enough business for you and are charging a good amount for the grooms. Have you researched their prices? 40% at a shop with good prices could actually add up to more than 50% at another shop that is too cheap.


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      I think being fresh out of school, it's going to take you a while to build up your speed, and you may end up making more at 40% without having to bathe and dry your own dogs, than if you were at a higher commission rate and bathing also.
      I currently make 50% with a bather, but I've been grooming quite a while. When I first started out I was making 40% AND bathing my own dogs, and could only manage to do 2 or 3 dogs a day. But that was a looong time ago.


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        Yes, there would be a bather that did all baths and the drying of the pet too.

        As a groomer, I would then be responsible for all the cutting, grooming etc.

        I would think that if there is a steady clientelle, then one would make just as much at 40% commision as they would if they did the bath, drying and cutting.

        But if its slow, then that 10% loss of commission would hurt.


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          I have worked commission over the years at rates of anywhere between 80% down to 40%. Money isn't really everything. If the work environment is very stressful, it is miserable to go to work day after day no matter how much you are making. I enjoyed working at my 40% job so much more than many of my higher rate jobs. (I moved out of state from my 40% job and the only reason I ever quit working there) You are much more efficient when you are happy and relaxed at work than when you are stressed out. Fresh out of school, I would be happy that someone was willing to give me a chance to show what I could do. After all, 3 months of training does not make a fully finished groomer just as only 3 months of training would not make a fully finished person of nearly any trade. Once, you are more confident in your skills and have learned to build speed, if you feel you deserve a raise, then by all means request one. If your employer doesn't feel the same, then you can always seek employment elsewhere if you aren't happy there. Most raises though come from a raise in the grooming prices rather than in commission rates.