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Have you seen these hard to find products?

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  • Have you seen these hard to find products?

    Hi, there are a couple products I've seen in the past and I have no idea where they can be bought.

    1. Muzzle with a D ring under the chin, its like a gentle leader but they can't open their mouth, I can imagine it would work great with the extra-difficult dogs hooked to the GH.

    2. Harness/Collar combo, I think I mentioned these on the old board before. I had a customer in VA that came in with two westies, they both had on these interesting harnesses, the part that goes around the neck was a regular collar looped through the rest of the harness. The collar was round and woven or braided, and they had matching leashes. The harness part was a regular nylon material like most collars are made of.

    3. Collars with a ying yang latch, I see these on customers dogs all the time but I've never seen them in the store.

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    Look in the cat section for the collars with the ying-yang latches. When I worked retail we carried them and they were actually kitty collars but lots of people bought them for puppies and small dogs.



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      The dog collar is here:


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        Thanks guys!

        Now if only I could find the other two products!


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          I just seen those muzzles not to long ago...but do you think I can remember where now? Maybe it will come to me and I will let you know.

          I don't like those Ying Yang collars..I can never get them off the dog...probably just me though. But one of my clients said she got them at one of the corp stores.

          Haven't seen the collar/harness combo.


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            It took me a few tries to figure out the ying yang buckle, you have to push the two sides into each other and it'll open. It still takes me a minute to get it buckled shut again. The first time I got a dog with one I sat there for a good 5 minutes pulling and twisting and poking and couldn't figure it out. Finally I had to go ask my boss at the time to help. lol


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              i have yet to see the ringed muzzles but i have and periodicly use the halty harness over the soft muzzles to control difficult dogs i just added a loop to my grooming arm to clip the halty to ties work great to make the ring so it slides up and down for desired heigth of the dog


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                The ProGuard Tuffie Muzzles have a D ring on the chin but not sure about what you mean by the Gentle Leader feature Ryan's carries the ProGuard as well as Groomstar.