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Consumer Issues Not Allowed - Warning

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  • Consumer Issues Not Allowed - Warning

    We continue to get posts today with members explaining all the details of a consumer issue with a company.

    1) I paid for something, it has not way. Call that company please.

    2) I left a message on and then on, and then on my warranty they this and that.

    Sometimes these are the start of a legal issue and we are not party to any legal matter. That is between you, the company involved and your legal or consumer aid.

    More than once a disgruntled employee or consumer has come here and made up a full fledge fantasy against a company. That is illegal, many members think another member wouldn't lie, and that wrongfully hurts the company.

    This board will never host consumer issues. You can say, I don't recommend that company or product or service.

    This is a free board, and can you imagine the THOUSANDS it would cost us to follow up on consumer issues. We had some bad incidents in 2004 which wasted time and funds and never again.