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  • Kool-aid instructions

    I am so excited. I have a really cute white mini poo that comes in every 5 weeks. His mom is so nice. I was talking to her about the kool-aid thing and she said I can do whatever I want with him. ) I asked her what color and she said "suprise me"
    Anyway, can anyone give me step by step instructions how to dye the dog?
    The only thing I have used is Manic Panic and that was on my pony.

    I want to do green since it will be close to March for St. patty's day.

    This will be so fun LOL

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    I've used Kool-Aid on Jager once (thats what was used in my avatar) I wanted to do purple, so I got grape kool-aid....well, it came out pink LOL.

    I mixed it up in a gallon jug...took quite a few packets to get the darker be sure to buy plenty of packets! I bathed him, then poured the kool-aid on along with some conditioner then rinsed it. Not sure if that is how it is supposed to be done, but it worked for me!

    I'm not even sure what flavor would be green...lime maybe?? Just go in the grocery store and open up all the packets to see what color they are! (i'm kidding) Oh...and use the unsweetened kind.

    Food coloring may be a better way to least you will know that green food coloring will come out green.

    Good luck and post pics!!


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      Since you brought this up, is there anyway to get Kool-Aid stains OUT? I have a white bulldog client & the kids spilled red Kool-Aid powder on her. I've tried everything to get it out.


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        We use to dye the owners white Poodle for St. Paddy's at the shop where I first worked. We just used food coloring and would add a few drops to a bucket of water then sponge it on and just keep adding a drop of color to more water till you get the color of green you want. Remember that it will lighten up quite a bit when she is dry. The first few times we did this to Annie she looked more lemon-lime than luck and have fun! Post a pict.
        SheilaB from SC


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          Does Kool-aid and food coloring wash out? How long does it take? I dont want the dog to be green forever LOL
          Thanks for the great tips guys, keep them coming!


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            I've used food coloring too

            I do add some vinegar, think it sets it better, like on egg dying. I don't rinse, just pour it on as colorful as I wish.

            Don't have a clue how to get it off though. Could they just dye the rest of the Bulldog, lol, to make it seem like it was supposed to be there?
            Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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              I've never had a problem washing Kool-aid out. However food coloring with dye the dog for a long time. I've seen a guy mix kool-aid with vegetable oil and spritz it on the coat and brush it thru. It just dyes the top portion of the dog without getting to the skin.

              One way I've found to get it out is dilute a whitening shampoo a little stronger than it says to and put in a little Dawn. Let it sit on the dog for at least 5 minutes.


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                dont' rinse it off, just blow dry it the heat helps set it.
                For the bulldog, get some blow pens and do a heart or two over the spots.


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                  Originally posted by Chicken View Post
                  Since you brought this up, is there anyway to get Kool-Aid stains OUT? I have a white bulldog client & the kids spilled red Kool-Aid powder on her. I've tried everything to get it out.
                  Good luck. I used blo pens on my am. staff back in Oct and you can still see the pink rose lol.
                  If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                    I couldn't find a good shade (flavor..) of koolaid for green. When I tried it on my white mini last year she looked moldy. I really love pink the best, any red flavor will give you pink, the more koolaid, the deeper the color. Blue also looks good, but purple looked more like an odd shade of grey

                    I use a recirc. bath system, warm water and enough packets of unsweetened koolaid to get the desired shade (at least four or five). I just let the colored water run over her until I like the color. Clean the tub and bathing system right away because the koolaid does stain.

                    I've found that each shampoo lightens the color but it never goes away completely until it grows out which is a pain.


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                      We were not able to get the green out of Annie. It just had to grow out and we would clip her short. Seems like there are more "less permanant" options now though. Have fun!
                      SheilaB from SC