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Free nails clips or not?

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  • Free nails clips or not?

    I am starting a new business in a month. And I am in the process of making my business cards (using Vista Print Canada).

    One suggestion that my instructor told me wa the for the first two years offer free nail clips, and write that on your card and your sandwich board sign. This is to get people in the door.

    My family disagrees. They think I should charge for nail clips.

    What do you suggest?

    Should nail clips be free to intice people to come into the shop and possibly convicne them to book a grooming? Or not?

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    I don't give anything for free. You will get so many that "bath" their own dog and come in just for the free nail clipping. You might also get bargain shoppers. You could post a sign with free bows or bandanas with groom.
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      I think you should charge for the nail trims. Otherwise you will be innundated with free nail trims when you start to have busier days. 2 years is a long time to be offering this service for free,jmo.


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        I opened my 2nd location in Dec. That's one of the things we did too...but not FREE...just highly discounted in comparison to competition. It does get people in the door.

        Congrats and Good Luck


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          Absolutely no free nail trims! You won't get anything else done during the day with all the dogs coming in for freebies. We did a promotion for a free nail trim DAY, but we charge more than the vet does for nail trims to make it worth our while to stop in the middle of a groom to do it.


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            Free nail clips

            No way! Offer great service and superior haircuts and they will come. Do this free and they'll expect it always(or go back to doing it themselves once you start charging) The nail trim only dogs only very rarely become groom dogs anyway.


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              Nothing for free !

              I agree with your family. Never give anything for FREE, it devalues your service, if you don't value your own service no one else will. Instead make offers like, 1/2 off for first time clients, or offer a percent discount. Sometimes I offer "complimentary" ... fill in the blank, with purchase of Full Service Groom. Right now I am introducing a new Spa Line, so I am offering 50% off Spa Package ... think along those lines ..
              Hope this was helpful !


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                NO! Most people will just take advantage of you and your time.


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                  I would NOT offer free nail clips. This will only get the "cheap" people in your place. You don't want these type of customers. Plus, there is no guarantee they will come back. Some people will just come in for free nails and nothing else. Charge for your services . You'll do fine. If anything, I would offer a free "nail grinding or filing" with a nail clip.


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                    No way!!! If one of my regular customers needs a nail trim between groomings Ill usually say "Sure bring em in" and then I dont charge them... as like a nice surprise for them. They are always so happy and greatful and think Im a saint, (which of course I am! lol not. it just takes more time to get into the computer and put in charges and have them go check out, then its worth for what Id make. And if feels good to make them happy) But Id never just blanket offer free nail trims to any old person who walks in the door.


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                      I vote no too

                      Lets see, after all these years I still don't like doing nails on many dogs. Especially big dogs. Many dogs are wonderful until you trim the nails, then will try to snap at you. (just Wed. did a darling perfect angel, but screeched and tryed to bite on the nails) So to have lots of people come in with pooches that may never get groomed come in for nail trims, Nope. Charge. I remember sometimes at the Pet Shop I would make more money for nails on a rare slow day than on grooms.

                      Best I heard to get people in is to have a big grand opening open house, free treats, contest for say longest ears, cutest barker, biggest etc. Get a press release out so it gets local. Can have a local rescue group show some of their adoptable pets if you think that would be good.
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                        No..I don't think I would do free nail trims either. And certainly not for 2 YEARS!! Thats a LONG time to be loosing out on the extra income. I know I do pretty good on my walk in nail trims, and I'd say 90% of them just come to me for the NT and then get bathed at home.

                        You could just say "free nail trim and ear cleaning with every grooming" gets done anyhow, and you wouldn't be losing any $. But people still see the word FREE and think they are getting a deal.

                        I'm not even sure I would give them a discount on their first grooming either. I did when I first opened up...I gave $5 off first groom. I did get business from it, but most of them came to me for the discount then went back to their original groomer. Sure, it gave me money to pay the bills for the month which came in handy, but I didn't get very many regulars from it....just price shoppers. But that's up to you.

                        Good luck with the new Biz.


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                          i wouldnt do it,i used to work for a petsomething,and they were opening a huge petsomething down in san diego somewhere,this was a few years ago,and my grooming sent to work the weekend there and for the grand opening they offered free nail trims,shes been grooming for 30 years,and said it was the worst experience of her grooming career,all the dogs were dogs that probably got kicked out of other shops and they all tried to bite


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                            Thank you for all the replies, I cut that out...makes more sense to me.


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                              No!!! You will get every cheapie within 100 miles and no one else!

                              Find out what the vet is charging and advertise it at significantly less. Our local vets charge $18 for nail trims, we're not even 1/3 of that and people think we're saints.