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  • What to expect from the groomer

    Ok, I've been talking about making up new customer packets forever now, and am going to force myself to finally do them. I want as much input as you guys can give.

    My packets will include the questionnaire (client/pet info), policies , pricing formula, basic grooming instruction (I may do a breed specific description of at home maintenance if that's not too much of a hassle), run down of how my shop works, and what gets done during each visit.

    Think it's ok if I ask why they left their other groomer?

    I also want to give them a list of things they should expect from their groomer. I don't want to necessarily push myself on them, but give them information for finding the best groomer for them. What is a list of things someone should expect from their groomer?

    Ex: cleanliness of the shop, professionalism, loving treatment of pets, etc.

    This is good for me too, as a checklist to make sure I'm doing all the things I want to be doing in case I forget.
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      Originally posted by pamperedpups View Post
      My general information packet includes F.A.Qs. about grooming, what to expect from a good groomer,.
      Nicole, may I ask what you say in response tso "what to expect from a good groomer?" That is a good point, and I am preparing things for the owners as well (everything's a long process before it actually happens at this animal hospital, lol), but that is something I'd like to cover, but I'm not sure what I would put for a "good groomer," as most groomers think they are "good," including myself.

      The Today show had a woman on not too long ago who said that all groomers should be a graduate of a grooming school, and that they should use elastic grooming loops." SAY WHAT?

      So I'm trying to narrow this down.


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        I think I would like to give a welcome packet, how many pages do you include and what do you present it in? Topic list?

        What gets done during a groom

        What else?

        And to answer ejm; I don't think I would ask why they left their other groomer.


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            Excellent idea...when you get it all set up and printed...I'd love a copy...I"d even pay for one. Any communication (positive of course) is always good for you and misunderstandings, and looks professional. Don't put it time ,january .


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              LOL, me too. I was thinking the same thing.


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                what to expect

                I list all the items listed above by other replies in my brochure and policies/procedures form(I do these separately so as not to squeeze too much writing into the brochure). I have separate brochures regarding the eye stains(most common question) and deshedding processes. I get cute dog print cellophane bags from Nashville wraps to put these in. Then I also add referral coupons, info on the Dog Whisperer( my favorite show--then I don't have to spend so much time answering the behavior questions), business cards of some of my current clients' businesses( they hand mine out too). I also ordered "in case of emergency" window clings(very cheap) and put one in--it's nice to see them up when I return for the next groom. I also get these cute little paw print chinese takeout boxes from Nashville wraps and put a few homemade(and I make sure they know I made them) dog treats in them. I only spend a few dollars on each new client pack. Clients love all the special attention and I get a very high return.