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yea to GG and Travelers insurance

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  • yea to GG and Travelers insurance

    i got up tues morning and starting filling my truck w/ water, when water starting pouring out of the van. thinking i had a burst something, i first called my hubby at work to scream and then called the insurance company to get the ball rolling on the claim. within an hour, i had an adjustor on the phone ready to meet me at the RV place i found with in stock water tanks and water heaters. well hubby came home and found out the problem was the redundant water heater we had installed years ago, which by the way doesn't work, but never got around to removing it. the nipple had rusted away and that was where the leak was from. he by-passed the line and i guess as soon as the weather is nice, we will replace it. i was so impressed that they were so quick on the ball. if it had been a tank or heater all i would have had to reschedule would have been a day.
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    As a former Travelers are welcome!!

    Just kidding, was never in the claims end of things but I did put in 23 years with the company. That's gotta count for something right?


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      I had a little mishap with a dumpster last year... :P When I finally decided that I needed to place the claim, Traveler's was there within 24 hours of the call. The adjuster met me at a client's home, filled out the paperwork while I was working and I had a check within 10 days. He even found things that I did not see. I can't rave highly enough about them. They are well worth the money they charge.