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  • Where am I?

    I wish we had a place where I can go and see the posts I made cause if I don't write it down then I forget where I posted and I would like to see the postings form there!!?????

    Stephen Note: You can always locate all of your posts, and the posts of others, using your account control panel. The registration process clearly stated to everybody to read the FAQ and most of the time all the I wish this and that has been explained all along in the FAQ and usually it is in the User Control Panel that appears once you login.

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    Also, the way I pull them up is, I go to the Members List, pull up my profile. you can go to Forum Info. Has all posts by you, and all posts started by you.


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      OH, now I did think I looked real good for a list of posts before I wrote this note but I just couldn't locate it. I do now see if I go to the members list and click on my name the posts will come up...thanks. it does help alot to have that feature.