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    Well my groomers helper came today!!!! yea!!!!! can't wait to try it out. any suggestions or useful tips on it would be appreciated.

    PS I am mobile!

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    Groomers helper is a great tool to use when you are mobile and working alone. You will love it


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      A few tips


      1. You will be able to stretch a dog out and do nails without fear that he can bite you. However, if you go into the area where he can get you you can get bitten. Know where that area is at all times and do not let your guard down ever.
      2. You can lift the Groomers Helper up by his muzzle so he cannot drop his head making dematting legs and chest easier.
      3. If you got the Professional set you can position an arm and clamp in front of your table and turn the pets head so he is facing you making head and face work easier with no grooming arm to get in the way. Remember this is a "Positioning System" so you can position the pet where you want him for hands free grooming.
      4. You can also use it to keep the dogs back end still and not sitting.
      5. Be creative, say in your mind where do I want him to be and then position him there to make grooming easier and less stressfull for you both.

      Please do the following first:
      1. Take you time and watch the DVD read the instructions and get familiar with it before using it on the more agressive dogs.
      2. Learn how to attach it, not to tight and not to loose. Attach it and back up and see how the pet reacts. Most will calm and you now can position them where you want them rather then them positioning you where they want you.
      3. Always lock the gold button. Pull the rope to release.
      4. You do not need to torque the screw down (real tight) just enough so it does not slide on you grooming arm. Mobil groomers should be careful not to lift the table up (electric tables) so the adjusting knob crashes into the shelf and bends the knob. (it is replaceable)
      5. Allow two fingers room between the loop and the pets neck.
      6. Never leave a dog in restraints unattended.
      7. Never allow a dog to struggle in restraints. There are some who just will not tolerate any kind of restraint. (maybe 1-2%)
      8. Only use as much restraint as needed to calm the pet and acomplish the task needed then release (normal loose hook-up for general protection).

      I also would love to hear other tips from Groomers Helper users on this board for new users. Good Luck and easier grooming. See you in Burbank!



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        The GH also works very well with a head halter. It is a natural way to train snappy dogs to stop biting because as soon as the head turns to bite the mouth shuts. It is also great to use a head halter to groom the face of biting dogs.

        Biting is a learned behaviour and the dog has learned that by biting it can stop things it dislikes. The GH is the best way to teach a dog to stop such behaviour quickly, effectively, safely. It's also great because you don't have discipline the dog in any way.

        It is probably good for 90 percent of dogs and for 80 percent of aggressive behaviour but as Chuck said, not all dogs can be restrained safely by the GH. And if you have a dog that will not tolerate the GH than it probably needs to go to a vet groomer or a groomer who has really fast reflexes.

        I used to think the GH was for paranoid wussies but after getting bitten by an unpredictable Wheaten I purchased the GH right after. Now I believe it should be a mandatory piece of equipment for every grooming table. It has saved me from bites so many times and paid for itself over and over. You can groom more confidently and the dog can sense your calm and will act calm as well.


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          I've used the groomers helper since a month after I started grooming. I wont groom without it. During a short span I did, but I felt very vulnerable, and now I am glad that I am allowed to use it. It has saved me from a few bites just in the recent past. Over the past 3 years, it has saved me from more bites than I care to count.

          It is safe, it is humane, it is worth every dime I paid for it.

          Follow what Chuck said, if the dog is really fighting the restraints, this may be a dog that it isn't good for. I've not had one of those yet. I have had a few that pull back and try to fight, and in that case I DO push on the rear end area of the dog, so that the grooming loop wont tighten up on the sides of the neck (the groomers helper clamp is pulling the loop away from the trachea, so just watch for the sides of the neck). If the dog calms down, reward him. SOmetimes they do struggle for a minute or two. If the dog isn't stressed and doing crocodiles rolls (though Yorkies do that anyway), then work with the dog.

          I LOVE my groomers helper. It is so inconspicuous, it takes very little space and stays OUT of my way, and it's hard to believe that something THAT small can do something THAT big.

          Tammy in Utah
          Groomers Helper Affiliate


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            I'm another firm believer in the GH, and I also think it should be used on every table. There just isn't any reason not to.

            I'm also another one who can't count the number of times I've avoided a bite because the dog was restrained in the GH. The very first time you hear those teeth click, and realize they didn't make contact with some part of your anatomy because of the GH, it paid for itself.

            One tip; if you have a dog that's pulling its head out of the loop, reposition the clamp a little lower. If it's too high, some dogs can back out of the loop. Especially dogs with fat necks and narrow heads.


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              Does it work well very small dogs such as 3lb yorkies that loves to spin circles?I would love to find something that keeps them still long enough for me to their ponytail in and trim their nails


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                Wow I am so excited to use the GH. I will be watching the DVD this weekend and get it set into the truck next week (I actually have 2 appts scheduled for next week) I will let you all know how I like it. I am sure I will love it..........


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                  Where can I see one in a catalogue to order it? The Groomers' helper, that is. With the arm that goes across, I know you have to be careful not to go up and hit the roof of the van...As I am mobile.I have Petedge cat at my left, here on table..not called that exactly...don't know what it is.


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                    WOW! It is great to hear so many positive things said about Groomers Helper! I am always happy to help groomers to groom safer and smarter, so please do not hesitate to call or email with questions about using the product.

                    I recommend visiting the site at to place an order, but our products will soon be available in many of the most popular catalogs. We are also creating an online survey that we will be encouraging groomers to use so we can get feedback on how you use the product and how you think we can improve the product, too. I will publish the link as soon as the bugs are out!

                    Meanwhile, thanks again for your positive feedback and kind words. I am starting my tradeshow schedule (think Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again") so I will probably see a lot of you this year!

                    - Chuck


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                      Yes stops spinning

                      Happytrials, of the yorkies so famous for circles. I groom housecall and wouldn't even think of all the grooming in front of owners with out it. It helps me look so brilliant, hee hee.

                      I also groom a teensy maltese that has a collapsing trachea problem. I usually only hold the tiny one, but have used the groomers helper because it pulls the loop forward instead of pressure on her sensitive trachea.
                      Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                        Has anyone used the GH on cats? If so, please post your results.


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                          Originally posted by Luvkitties View Post
                          Has anyone used the GH on cats? If so, please post your results.
                          Oh yes. I wouldn't groom a cat without it, either. I've developed my own system for cats, though. I use a kennel leash to make a figure 8 harness, then attach the tether to the ring on the kennel leash. I hook the loose end of the kennel leash to my grooming arm overhead. Then I use my second GH tether on a second post at the other end of my table. Kitty is between two posts, and hooked overhead. I adjust the restraints so Kitty is in the center of the table, facing away from me, and can hook her feet over the edge of the table. It works very well. Just watch Kitty's tail while you work. It's a great indicator if Kitty's frame of mind.