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  • Re-Circulating Bathing Machine

    Hi Everyone,

    To all you mobile groomers out there, and anyone for that matter that has used a re-circulator, what do you think about them? I know this is not the first time a thread has been started on these bathing systems, but I'd like some fresh feedback.

    If you do like them, what do you think about the JetWash that GroomStar is selling? And I'm interested in what product (shampoo) works well with it, what end of the day/week maintenance you do to keep it smelling fresh, etc. Cetainly I'd like to know if you hate them as well, and why!

    Thanks for any input!


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    Hi Thomcat,
    I have a Hydrosurge Power Bather and love it! Here are the instructions I use for cleaning it:

    Hydrosurge recommends using a mixture of Clorox 2 and vinegar for cleaning/disinfecting. I use liquid Clorox 2 instead of dry Clorox 2 like they recommend. I have a grate in my tub for the dogs to stand on so they're not standing in the Hydrosurge bath water. When I'm done bathing a dog I lift the Hydrosurge pump out of the bath water and sit it on the grate. The hair and debris talked about in Step # 7 usually rinses away as I lift the pump out of the water. About once a month, I undo the screws on the bottom of the pump and remove the screen, scrub it with a small brush in the same solution I'm cleaning the pump with, and replace the screen. A lot of gunk can accumulate on the screen if you don't keep it clean.

    1.) At least once a week, clean the internal and external parts of the pump, bather hose, nozzle, spray head, and tub. If the pump has not been cleaned in a long time it will be necessary to repeat the following process several times or until the pump is clean. The best test of a clean pump is the "smell test." This test should be done every monring before the first bath. If the pump smells bad, it is not clean. In addition, you should be able to shine a light through the screen filter and see clearly the parts beneath.
    a) Close the tub drain.
    b) Fill tub with 3 gallons of water and add 1 ounce of Clorox 2 (dry oxygen bleach) and 2 cups of vinegar.
    c) Remove the spray head and place it in the tub to soak in the bleach solution.
    d) Secure the bather hose by wrapping a towel around it or placing a weight of some sort (i.e. a half full bucket) on the hose to prevent it from moving uncontrollably. Do not block the flow.
    e) Allow the pump to run for 10 minutes.
    f) Replace spray head and wash tub area with the Hydrosurge System on low pressure for 2-3 minutes.
    g) Turn the pump off.
    h) Drain and THOROUGHLY rinse the pump and tub with fresh water.
    i) Back-flush the pump as detailed in step #6.

    2.) The internal and external parts of the pump, bather hose, nozzle, and spray head can also be cleaned in a 5 gallon bucket using the same solution as above. 3 gallons of water should cover the pump. Form a loop with the bather hose with the nozzle at the bottom of the bucket. Secure the loop with a strong tie to keep the hose from coming out of the bucket.

    3.) External lime deposits may be removed with Lime-Away or similar product. Follow the manufacturer's directions for dilution rates. Be sure to thoroughly rinse with fresh water.

    4.) If the Hydrosurge System is used on an infected/contagious animal, follow step # 1 immediately after bathing. Any disinfectant solution may be substituted. Use the correct concentration of disinfectant according to the label directions. With the bather on low pressure, disinfect the entire tub area, including the pump and any other objects the infected animal came in contact with (i.e. brushes, bowls, etc.).

    5.) After each bath, unscrew the bather spray head to remove any accumulated hair.

    6.) Back-flush the pump for at least 5 seconds after each use to remove residue. If using the Hydrosurge custom rinse hose, place the rinse spray head end-to-end with the bather spray head and slowly turn on the freah water. The fresh water will rinse any remaining solution through the bather hose and out the bottom of the pump. Also rinse the outside of the pump. If using a rinse hose other than the Hydrosurge custom rinse hose, fill a bucket with fresh water and place it in the tub. Place the pump inside the bucket, turn it "on" and pump the water out into the tub.

    7.) After each bath, remove the accumulated hair and debris from the filter on the bottom of the pump.

    8.) When the pump is running, a steady stream of water should come out of an "anti-airlock" hole located below the pump to hose connection. It is directed backward, toward the pump. It also serves to cool the pump. A splash-guard is provided. If the hole is clogged, place some water in the tub, remove the spray head and start the pump. Dislodge any hair that may be blocking the hole with a paper clip. A clogged "anti-airlock" hole can cause difficulty starting the pump and a pump that is hot to the touch.

    9.) Test both GFCI's monthly. See detailed instructions in your Instruction Manual.

    10.) Frequently check the hoses and their connections for leaks. Usually, tightening the fitting or replacing the washer eliminates leaks. If there is a leak at the spray head, check that the black O-ring is intact.



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      Tomcat,, I had one.. I do a ton of little dogs and it just suck up way to water. So I sold it... For mobile for me its a waste


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        Bathing Beauty

        Hi, I have a BB, wouldn't change it for the world. I've used severl types of bathing systems, but I am sold on this one. One thing I have to say is that the BB has a much more flexiable hose than the Hydro-surge. Better for my hands and wrists.

        The re-circulating systems have been proven to be helpful in establishing good skin conditions. One of the Vet Colleges in Georgia actually did a study (check the old board, Curtis posted this) to see just how well it did work. Studies showed improvement of the test dogs.

        One of the problem areas I see is the recirculating system does not do the high sudzing that we as groomers mistakenly assume is good, high suds lots of cleaning ability...right? Wrong! High suds = lots of air! No cleaning ability in air, the rinsing does the cleaning.

        If you know your product and what is in it and how it works, you know that the surfactrant (cleaning ingredient) surrounds the dirt and is held in suspension, and rinsed down the drain (way simplified explanation). Marketing may tell a different story, but that's how shampoos work.

        Since I've been using my BB, I have to tell ya' my dogs are squeaky clean with less water and less effort! I'll never go back to a "hand wash" situation.


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          Hi Pam,
          It's nice to see another familiar name! I just wanted to mention that I think the Bathing Beauty is less expensive than the Hydrosurge Power Bather too. I bought my Hydrosurge about 10 years ago though so they may have reduced the price since then. I'll probably buy the Bathing Beauty instead when my Hydrosurge quits working (knocking on wood that won't happen anytime soon).


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            Hi sheri! How are things going! Are your folks snow'd in? We sure have had some weird weather! Heck! WE had snow in Mesa on Monday! Yes, right here in the valley! Go figure!

            Nice to see you here!


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              Weird Weather

              Originally posted by azoci View Post
              Are your folks snow'd in?
              They live in Portland, OR and had snow last week, but I don't think they've had any snow this week. We've had a weird winter here in IL too with a pattern of record high temperatures one week and ice storms the next. I'm not one of the thousands of people who lost their electricity for days though so I've been pretty lucky so far.


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                Do you bath twice with The re-circulating systems ?

                Do you bath twice with The re-circulating systems ? or you won't need it. What about conditioner? De-shedding shampoo?


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                  Me too

                  The Bathing Beauty is wonderful. Gosh all that cleaning and such. A busy day I run it in a bucket with water vinegar mix. Sometimes just making sure the water is drained out after use and don't get to cleaning. The dogs are so clean and no arm/hand strength needed from me.

                  I use the E Z Groom shampoo and use Ruff Out as a finishing spray, saving time and trouble with conditioners etc. Across the board I get tons of compliments on the lovely cleans dogs.
                  Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                    Sheri, thank you for all the detail! Very much appeciated, and I will keep you posted on what I think as I get further along.



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                      I love my bathing beauty. I use it for shampooing, vinegar rinsing and conditioning, not to mention cleaning the tub. It really does a great job of cleaning the dogs.


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                        I still bath twice

                        But not thoroughly rinsed inbetween. I got spoiled by bathing twice long ago, and it just seems to create so much cleaner of a dog.
                        Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                          I use the Bathing Beauty as well. I wash the dog, lightly rinse, wash once more and then do a final rinse. I find that with my bathing beauty it takes me just as long to wash dogs twice with the BB then it did once by hand.


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                            Thanks Gracy! I can't wait to give it a try!



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                              Hey Arrooh, which EZ Groom Shampoo do you use?