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Pet owner shamed in public

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  • Pet owner shamed in public

    One of my customers shared an altercation (to use a nicer word). It was in a parking lot. Her first thought is it sounded like a scene where someone shames someone else not wearing a mask even when it is legal not to wear one. But when she got closer she saw the victim was a lady with a dyed dog. Pink bichon type. She was being called all sorts of names and you should be ashamed over and over. Some people are cracking these days to get so upset over something like a dye job. The lady got in her car quickly and left and the woman doing all the shaming kept on walking into the grocery store still going on and on verbally to no one.

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    Some people aren't happy unless they have something to shame people about.

    I had one person try and shame me about olivier and how cruel I was having my "boxer puppy's" ears and tail cropped and docked. I called her out on it saying Oliver is a 7yr old Boston Terrier who are born with pointed ears and no tail naturally. Docking has been banned for about 15byears at that point and cropping far longer. And that I'd never be so cruel as to do something like that for fashion x


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      There are still people who don't understand that animals have personalities. Some dogs thrive on the attention of being groomed that way, being noticed by strangers. It is fun for that type. For another dog, a shy dog, it might not be fun.


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        I agree, Emma. They do have feelings. That's why, in grooming school in 1969, I refused to color a dog. Yes, that was a requirement back then. Poodles were popular and it wasn't unusual to see a pink or lavender poodle trotting around. I didn't want people laughing at the dog. I think when PETA became active, the dye thing went out of favor, plus, poodles were losing their popularity after being number one for so many years.
        Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

        Groom on!!!


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          I'd have a few choice words in response to this harassment.


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            If someone in this case would at least walkup to the groomer and say to the groomer can I get you help against this harassment and not even look at the harasser sometimes that puts a stop to it and ignore them, it might help.