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Opening a Pet Nursing Home for Elderly and Special Needs Pets

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  • Opening a Pet Nursing Home for Elderly and Special Needs Pets

    During her 15 years as global innovation director at Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Leslie Fleuranges traversed the world talking to consumers.

    That’s how she discovered there was a specific need in the lives of many pet owners that wasn’t being met: the ability to find trustworthy temporary care for aging and sick pets or those pets with special needs.

    “I really felt like if people were giving up their lives — they weren’t able to travel, go to graduations, go on vacations, go to weddings — there was a need for this (business),” Fleuranges said. “I always say, ‘It’s cool to have a great idea or an innovation, but is there a need for this product or service?’”

    She decided in her case the answer was, “Yes.”

    That need, coupled with the fact that Fleuranges had always wanted to own her own business, led her to open Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel, 2500 S.W. 17th St., late last month.

    What sets her business apart from veterinarians or doggy day cares, Fleuranges said, is Tender Loving Care’s dedication to individualized care designed to meet the needs of each pet that walks through the door.

    “It’s very much about peace of mind, giving the pet parents peace of mind, so they know that when they go wherever they’re going to go their pet is getting the best care and TLC,” she said. “That’s what we’re here for.”

    Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel has 27 luxury suites for dogs staying at the facility and two suites for cats. The cat suites can hold up to four cats, Fleuranges said, if the animals are related.

    Some of the suites have themed decorations. One of them, for example, was sponsored by an organization who requested it be decked out in Kansas City Chiefs gear. Fleuranges said she is also looking for sponsors for potential university-themed rooms — one for the University of Kansas, one for Kansas State University and one for Washburn University.

    Use link above for pictures and rest of story.
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      I tune out when an article mentions "luxury" suites and decorations. That stuff is for humans, not pets. The best place I boarded my elderly dog was a cramped, dark studio apartment in nyc. The lady who lived there was a retired social worker. The place was nothing fancy. She had an ancient blind pug dog and a cat, in addition to boarders. No cages. You would think this spells total disaster, but she had such a vibe for animals. It was a real home, humble but perfect for an old beagle.
      The other place I boarded yet another old beagle was a lavish home with a pool. The retired couple who lived there were pet lovers. They boarded pets for fun, and a reasonable fee.


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        Beautiful idea in many ways for someone with patience. I absolutely hate when the pet owner dies no family wants the dog and so a year old or two dog gets the death sentence. DOG LIVES MATTER TOO.