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At Home Nail Trims - Coping with CV

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  • At Home Nail Trims - Coping with CV

    About six months ago Shana Noblin, professional groomer, opened Gypsy Pet Spa to provide pet owners with new grooming options.

    At that time Shana felt excited and blessed. However, it wasn’t long after she had opened her new pet spa that the coronavirus pandemic changed the way people live, work and do business. Despite the challenges, Shana found a way to continue to help pet owners.

    “I feel like if we can do well through the virus challenges, we will be just fine when it’s over,” she said.

    Originally from Grand Ridge, Shana’s military and nursing experience, along with love for pets, guided her towards the pet grooming industry. Plus, the flexible hours provided her an opportunity to spend more time with her children. Shana worked for PetSmart in West Virginia for a while, which led to the company sending her to their grooming academy. She later worked for various grooming businesses and a private pet grooming salon. After returning to Grand Ridge to live, she opened Gypsy Pet Spa in Marianna.

    Shana is not deterred by the new challenges facing the country. She explained, “I meet pet parents at the curb and take their pet in.” “When the pet grooming is complete, I take their pet back to the car.” “My credit card machine is portable, so we can take care of everything with the pet parent in the comfort of their own vehicle,” Shana added. She doesn’t mind continuing this practice as long as needed. In fact, Shana shared that she has some pet parents with accessibility difficulties that she has provided car-side service to all along. “People who have big dog issues, I help them with getting their dogs out of the car,” she elaborated.------- use link above for full story
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    Actually a pretty good discussion of pet owners of what groomers have been through this year.