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How do you do creative drag?

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  • How do you do creative drag?

    Seriously. No issue with people not going there. For Halloween party we got asked if we do creative. I don't other than stencils and touches but Anne here is very good. Only thing is we're Alaska stumped. We have watched creative competitions online at shows and magazines with creative. Okay she came over we researched drag pictures and sites and Ru Paul spelling? What makes creative on a dog drag queen look. Anyone explain or seen it done? Lots of glam, glitter but drags have really overstated makeup eyes and lipstick, pretty fun, but how the heck does that do creative canine? He is a great customer and said $500 ladies! That's the budget. HELP!

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    Check out pictures of Judy Garland-and Cher. Get some inspiration there. Immediate to my kind is a long black wig and lots of sequins on a dog. Cut outs are key.
    Chers feather headdress is a prime drag copy.
    Have fun and good luck


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      What kind of dog? I'm thinking a Marilyn Monroe look-popular for drag. You can get fake eyelashes for dogs, and, if a short coat or light colored poodle, you could paint some big red lips. Sounds fun and plenty of time to figure it out.
      Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

      Groom on!!!


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        Hard question. PROPS. like a pink wig added to the dog. Wigs so common you must have a wig effect. I will think of more.


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          The classic poodle cuts have always had a "drag" vibe to me- a continental is big hair, big "bossum" lots of drama and turning an angular figure into a curvy one. Add glitter and showgirl feathers and there you go!