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Lots of vets are closed

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  • Lots of vets are closed

    Pattymom's message reminded me. I traveled through 3 towns yesterday before our more stricter guidelines went into effect last night. Quite a few vets are closed. They are able to operate but signs on doors they are closed and where to find animal hospitals. Checked ours, closed but will re-open for 2 days next week for critical needs. They will first serve regular clients and taking far less patients those days to increase social distancing. 1 pet owner at a time in the building.
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    Here too. Just the 24 hour animal hospital is consistently open. No new customers taken.


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      Ours are doing curbside drop off and pick up
      Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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        Vets here have been told to cancel all routine appointment/surgeries and to only provide emergency/urgent care, food and prescriptions.


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          I use two vets and their clinics are operating in totally different manners. My main vet clinic doesn’t allow clients to come in. I am not sure about surgeries but exams and treatments are only pets go inside. For prescription meds or foods all clients call and pay on cc first and then call reception from parking lots and wait inside the car for pickups. My other vet, on the other hand, welcome everyone inside and exam rooms, exchange cc and cash with barehands.


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            Yep all over the map here how vets are operating. Most only doing critical surgeries and taking very sick dogs. Only one owner per family can come in. Meds over phone and pickup outside.