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  • Desperate owner

    I cannot find a groomer that is open. I leave messages and no answer. We have a groomer for my maltese poo but she is closed and doesn't call back. We are strictly supposed to stay at home but I could mail order tools. I have a comb. She needs her nails cut and I did one and she screamed. I cannot handle that. We usually have the anus area shaved down a little too by now. So what am I going to do if this goes on for weeks? My town isn't very big and we have to order food by chewy or amazon now. Should I buy clippers to shave the rear? Who can do nails for me?

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    Where are you located? Maybe we can help you find someone.


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      Slow down, take a deep breath.
      Your groomer isn’t trying to avoid you on purpose. A lot of us are shut down by order of our Governors.
      Yes, we are strictly suppose to stay home...that include your groomer too.
      Believe me, most of us would much rather be at work!

      You don’t need to buy clippers to trim your dogs bottom. If you have another person at home that can help steady her on a table you can trim with any scissors you have around the house.

      Caution is to not pull hair away from the body. That will pull the skin along with it and your likely to cut your dogs skin that way. Just lightly hold up the tail, and lightly trim the hair. You can do this!

      If trimming is scary and uncomfortable for you, just use your comb.
      Comb out under her tail a few times a day. That way manure wont get stuck.
      Look at pictures of show dogs. Those dogs with long thick or flowing coats don’t have their bottoms shaved. They are just combed and brushed regularly. You can do that too.

      You have been a good dog owner. You really can do this. We will be back to work as soon as possible. I’m sure your groomer will be calling you then. And probably working overtime to catch up.

      Now, take another deep breath. Hug your pooch. You got this!!!


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        Veterinarians are allowed to be open. You could get the nails cut there. The tech could probably cut away the rear hair, and do the glands, too.
        Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

        Groom on!!!


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          thank you. my vet is closed sending emergencies to hospital. Vets not taking new customers due to social distancing only serving their customers and not all of them they said. Just urgent care. But my vet will be opening next week for a day. Appreciate your concern.