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I have gotten calls for shampoo from my customers

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  • I have gotten calls for shampoo from my customers

    They know we may not be able to serve them. OK so what to do. They want same shampoo. They love Quadruped. Should I mix some up for them and let t hem have it. I am not going to tell them they have to go buy concentrate at Quad. Perplexed.

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    These are good customers? Then I would give them some perhaps, diluted. Hope they know what to do otherwise. If not maybe just recommend a tearless baby shampoo.


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      Since there asking make up small bottles and cover your costs on bottles. Dollar store has little bottles cheap. You make them happy and they will return it later when you open again.


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        I’ve given clients undiluted shampoo before. I write on the container what the dilution rate is and stress not to use it straight. I don’t charge for it.


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          I don't dilute it. It will go bad. I use water bottles and give them a couple of inches. Like samples. I just give it to them unless they want a lather amount. I have in the oast kept 4 ir 5 bottles of retail size in stock. Sell it for what I pay.
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            I would have the client furnish the bottle, then you can give them a generous amount and warn them not to go near the eyes (if it's not tearless). I probably wouldn't give them anything but tearless......and definitely not charge them,

            Happy going the extra mile during this crisis

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