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Sending 4 groomers to Groom Expo West.

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  • Sending 4 groomers to Groom Expo West.

    We found a residence inn type of place with 2 bedrooms and kitchen so that worked out well. All are taking classes. I think they will all get along. Some don't work in the same locations but the 4 I picked are very motivated. Fingers crossed.

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    Pretty awesome but that kind of management probably keeps groomers longer times.


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      for making the industry a better place a bit at a time.


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        awesome I have sent some groomers over the year. I just require they take at least 3 seminars to strengthen grooming skills.


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          Wise investment it you can afford it. I believe you have 4 shops and that must really help. I think your plan to ensure they use the oppty for seminars and training with their skills is wise.


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            I have a walk-in toenail trim clientele. Any toenail trim money goes into the seminar/rewards bucket. I use it to send groomers to seminars or even just to pay for something fun for them...concerts, equipment, etc.

            Ive heard of other groomers putting side the money from one groom a day for specials like this. It adds up fast and it’s nice to treat yourself.


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              I send some of mine to Hershey some years. Depends upon how the year went. I like you mention they must take some related classes. I do exactly the same thing. They love it, they still get to choose which ones.