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Caregivers that bring in dogs

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  • Caregivers that bring in dogs

    I am so glad for caregivers. They helped me a lot taking care of my mother in her last days, and before that my dad. Good ones are a charm. In the past couple months 3 of my customers now have caregivers. Some drive the owner to my shop. They cannot leave them home alone so they load up the dogs and the owner. I try to run out to the car to wish them well either on the way in or out. Turns out today the caregiver walks in and it is a groomer! One that I knew a few years ago. She stopped grooming after a bad bite. She ended up being a care giver and she makes about $24 an hour she told me. Misses dogs but most of her care goes to taking care of the senior and their dogs and cats. She is very happy with it. Something I never thought about connecting groomers that stop grooming could do.

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    I'm glad she found something that still helps the pets and their owners


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      That is a pretty high rate for a caregiver pay, she is fortunate. Usually they have RN experience or something more advanced to earn that much. I know my sister is one.