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  • I'm not a used car dealer

    Ever since I opened my shop, I get at least one call a day asking me what kind of cars I have on my lot or if I buy used cars. I guess "Economy Cars" has their # in an OLD phone book with the wrong number. You would think that when I answer the phone "Pooch Palace" that would be their first clue that I am not in the car business...but no..they still ask "hey..what kinda cars you got out on yer lot there?" I just tell them wrong # and hang up. This has been going on for almost 4 years.

    I'm half tempted to start asking them what they are looking for then rattle of what I have in the shop for the day...

    Do you want a flashy little sports car?..I have a stunning red Poodle here with black pinstripe bows..well maintained and very flashy.

    Maybe you are looking for a rugged 4X4?...Then I have just the one for you...a nice black Rottie..this one will hold up to anything...he's built tough. Can stop on a dime and has built in security system.

    You just need a family car?...I have some Labradors available..3 colors to choose from black, brown and yellow. Low maintence and great mileage. I also have a few new hybrids...the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle are our most popular right now, but they are a little pricey.

    Maybe a foreign car would be to your liking?...I have a couple Japanese Chins and a Chinese Shar-pei. But parts are usually hard to find for those brands.

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    That would be so funny. Start doing that and see who comes in?
    If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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      LOL!! That’s too funny! I would love to see the look on the people’s faces if you said those things. I’m not creative enough to come up with stuff like that.


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        Jessica! that is too funny! you should do that sometime!! would be a riot! When I worked at the vets, they would call on intercom to the and so to the front...needs his bed and red blanket...all the one day they did that as I walked past it in the treatment room. I pushed the button down and said that will be 6.45 please pull around! I opened the door, and the whole lobby was rolling laughing! lol its great to have fun at work..takes the stress out of things!


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          Oh Jessica, I do feel for you. Many years ago my phone number was almost the same as a local bar. The first numbers were the same, but the last two were reversed. Care to guess how many drunks we'd have call in the middle of the night? Or wives of drunks, looking for their husbands?

          I had one woman calling one night, I think she was more than half lit herself, looking for her husband, "Joe". I explained over and over that she had the wrong number, but she'd just call back, insisting she knew he was there, and I was just lying to cover for him.

          After about 10 calls, the phone rang again, I picked it up and said "Is Joe there?" Stunned silence, then "No." And I said, "Well, you must have the wrong number then" and hung up. It took her half an hour to try again.

          Soooooo, about 1:30 am, I'd had enough. She called, and I answered "Duffy's Bar." She asked again if Joe was there. I said "You just missed him. He left with that blonde he's been talking to all night."

          I'll bet Joe got the snot beat out of him once he got home.


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            It could be worse. The last 4 digits of my # are the same as a local escort in our city! Haven't got any late night calls for people waiting to be "serviced" yet, but I'm guessing it will one night! lol. Hang in there!


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              OMG little trouble maker you! That's too funny.

              We've gotten a few calls at the house from some guy wanting to know where his wife or girlfriend was. Hubby would just hang up, but the guy would call back. Hubby finally just said she WAS with him and then he got a little explicit on what she was doing and why she couldn't talk at the moment....guy never called back that night...hmm..wonder what ever happened?


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                LOL, when I first read the thread title, I was expecting that someone was trying to talk down your prices. What a bummer that you get calls like that, but it could be an opportunity to flash your shop through someone's mind. Take advantage of it, LOL.

                "No, sorry, this isn't Bubba's used car dealership, but we do have some flashy poodles that walk out of here. Do you have a dog?"

                Tammy in Utah
                Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                  OH Helly that's hilarious I can't believe you said that. Poor guy. And Jessica that is so funny you have to say that to at least one person. Don't forget to tell them about the compact car the Dachsund lol.


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                      I would mess w/them and say you specialize in used cars that have had dead bodies in them. Say you go to police auctions and that is why you sell for so cheap. The paint jobs are great but the interior of the cars may need a little work!
                      SheilaB from SC


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                        That is hillarious Helly!

                        I would ask the person calling where they got the number from maybe try to trace it back and get something changed. It might still be advertised somewhere.


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                          I have the same problem!! I have been getting calls from a company ATS mobile who moved and changed numbers. I have had this number for 4 years!! Throw away your phone books people! Some guy last night wanted a fax number to fax an inventory list to me.. Hello dogs not cell phones...


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                            I'm not a used car dealer

                            I don't get phone calls, I get mail for beautician equipment, what part of "Dog Grooming By Karen" sounds like a beauty shop?


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                              The last 2 numbers of my home phone are the opposite of the last 2 numbers of Dicks Tackle & Bait. We always tell people we are having a buy one get one free lure sale.