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  • Yikes!!!Azoci HELPPam

    Would somebody pleeese take my internet connetion away from me for a few days/ I need A Break... Pamm I am almost serious..soon you will be up to read thisAZoci and i never had dinner,no water tho sleeping 7 hrs straight. Full of energy...feel awsome! I took Traveler and Halle for briskwalk around block this Eve gonna try every Eve. Why Not Jax too? you ask. Cuz he squeels with excitement like being kilkled...He has to go alone.If I don't stop soon I'm gonna give you my connection really. Got lots done today believe it or not..Nobody loves me anymore Silence from Malissa & you. BOOOO HOOOO.

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    Jane! Well you have really gotten the energy! WOW! Wish I had some. I've been down since last week, just trying to re-coup! Haven't been on 'puter since Friday last...slept all day Sat, did Bichon Workshop Sunday (feeling better) then had a relapse on Monday, but full load of dogs and 4 Bichons to boot) Did digs, came home and slept! Today, up early 3 bichons to do, and came home and slept...feeling better now, and hey! I have a voice! TTYL