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  • fleas

    Since I opened my shop, we are always fighting the flea battle with our dog. I've done the dawn baths, which work very well. I've vaccumed the house, washed everything and the darn things just crawl(hatch)right back on him. Tried bio-spot, left him smelling badly. Can't stand the oil it leaves behind. Any suggestions on how to maintain my dog from the fleas?

    Also, I'm thinking about setting up a display to sell products to customers with flea problems. Which ones should I try and sell, and how much should I mark them up? Thanks.

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    We use Frontline and Advantix. They also have carpet spray that I spray in the shop. Is your shop in your home.


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        I love Frontline. It works.


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          I groom from home... when a super loaded flea dog comes in I give everyone Capstar, I discovered Capstar at the Clinic I worked at.They used it on all the flea dogs. I also keep them on Frontline PLus. I have 4 dogs and a cat,it is working so far.


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            I use Archer insect growth regulator (IGR) that I get from flea control experts dot com. It works. I spray my yard in April every year and keep the van sprayed once every 3 weeks (average flea life cycle) during the spring and summer flea season. It costs me about $90 a year to keep my 7 pets flea free without putting stuff on them. With two dogs in pretty full coat I don't want a lot of stuff in their coats! I also don't have flies, roaches, silver fish, ants, some ticks and spiders and a few other creepy-crawlies that I don't really want. They make a carpet spray and the IGR. The IGR comes in a concentrate of either 4 oz (average sub-division yard) or 16 oz (MY yard LOL!!) size. You mix it in a garden sprayer and spray on your yard. The worst part of it is you have to use Spreader Sticker and THAT can be toxic to the household pets so you have to keep them off the yard until it dries-about 2 hours. The IGR they can drink, lay in, bathe in and be around with no ill effects. I LOVE the fact that I don't have to be standing right outside with the poop scoop in the summertime to get it as soon as it hits the ground or risk drawing the flies. I'm also an avid birder and this product won't hurt the beneficial insects and birds that I try to attract to my yard. I am a Certified Master Gardener doing organic gardening and I wanted something that was safe and effective. This stuff works. Period. Well worth the $$ IMO.


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              K- Advantix. This works. Or go to and get the bug off garlic.
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                We use frontline plus on all our cats and dogs.

                They never get them.

                Some folks think Andvantage is milder, but it washes off, so bathe first.

                If you have fleas in your house, you have to bomb it to get them all, and you need to do it about ten days apart like three times. The eggs from the first ones you kill hatch and just reinfest.


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                  Try a flea bomb. I think that the eggs will rehatch if not. Actually, you'll probably have to use several.
                  Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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                    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, if you take your pets in the car, then don't forget to spray that too.
                    And as for the oil, yes Bio Spot is oily, but other products aren't. They are more expensive though. I put Revolution on a dog today, it's only a little bit of product, and it made barely any oil at all!
                    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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                      petsRus,I have my shop in my basement. We have hard wood floors through out our up stairs with just a few big rugs. I have treated the rugs, dogs bedding, the dog and he still has a couple of fleas on him about a week later.

                      Carla, the capstar pill, I get it from the Vet? Do I give it to every dog that comes in with fleas? Will it keep the fleas off of my dog for a period of time? How does it work?

                      Patty, wow nice info, thanks! I will order some archer tomorrow and get ready for spring spraying.


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                        I hate to say this but I have heard of flea's getting in the vents also. I am sure it happens if you have forced air. I would bomb the place too. My vet told me they can live under the baseboards too. Good Luck! PS I am interested in the Capstar too. Where do you get it? Do you charge for it? As soon as I find a flea the dogs get a flea bath and the customer gets charged.


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                          I use Frontline. It kills the fleas (so far) and the oily spot goes away by the next day.

                          To treat fleas in the environment you have to use a product that contains an insect growth regulator. It's really the only way to completely rid your house of the little buggies. Simple insecticides only kill the adults. IGRs stop the eggs from hatching, and breaks the life cycle.

                          Capstar? It only kills the fleas on the dog for a short period of time. It doesn't affect the eggs or larval stages that have taken up residence in your home. And even though it's relatively safe, I wouldn't give it to a grooming dog without checking with their vet, and getting the owners OK.

                          For you mobilers...or if you think you may have a flea problem in your car, getting rid of them is really easy in the summer. Park your vehicle in full sun and leave it there for an hour. The temperature rise inside will kill fleas and eggs. In colder months, you have to spray.


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                            I wouldn't bother w/the Biospot. I have never heard of it actually working and I know of a few dogs that have had bad reactions to it. Get the good stuff like others said, Advantix, Frontline....etc Bomb your house to be sure and plan to re-do in 10 days to 2 weeks. Good luck I hate those nasty buggers too!!!!
                            SheilaB from SC


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                              I wouldn't bomb, I would spray. Bombs disburse the spray up and out, and it just settles on everything. You don't need flea spray on your tables, countertops, etc, The spray also doesn't get under furniture.

                              With a spray, you can put the product where you need it. On the floor. If your pet gets on furniture, you can spray the pieces of furniture that need it, and not the ones that don't.

                              Just be sure you get a product that contains and IGR. Then you won't have to keep spraying and spraying, week after week. I personally use Adams.