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Oh.... never again..... To much work...

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  • Oh.... never again..... To much work...

    Yesterday I didn't go into work until 12. My first dog showed up at 12:30. Then 2 Poodles showed up at 1. Then a Lab and a Pom showed up at 1. The owner of the first dog said she'd be back around 3 to pick her up. Then my boss told the owners of the poodles that they would be done at 3. (That's a stretch because they get hand scissored.) Then my boss told the other guy that we would call him when his dogs were done. So I got the first one done pretty quick, she was a #4 reverse, but covered in moles. I lost count around 30. Then I bathed the Lab and the Pom, dried them and let them finish the crates. Then I did the Poodles. One was a new poodle and he was a "fix-it" job. They wanted to see his eyes so the lady cut his top knot (all of it) off and half way down his neck. This dog looked stupid. I didn't get it, she wanted to see his eyes so she cut the hair off his neck too. Ok, sure... The other poodle is about 20 pounds over weight and on a diet so she's actually lost weight since the last time I groomed her.

    Well every owner walked in at 3 to pick up their dogs. So my boss came running in to to help me finish the Pom and the Lab. Luckily it was just nails and a brushing left. I was still working on the fat Poodle. So I decided to skip hand scissoring and just used a snap on comb. She didn't look as good but the owners were still very pleased with her cut. They loved the male though. He got scissored... To much work for 2 hours of grooming. ahhhh...

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    You must be really fast to get all that done in two hours. I'm impressed.


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      Wow! That's one way to finish up a day quick... and yet another reason I like being my own boss! LOL


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        I hate days like that and I hate it when owners come in early and wait. No matter if they say "no rush" I still feel rushed! Why is it if one person is early, several will be early!!! Blaaaah I sympathize!
        SheilaB from SC


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          Tell your boss you need a raise!! Good job.


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            Originally posted by pamperedpups View Post
            Wow! That's one way to finish up a day quick... and yet another reason I like being my own boss! LOL
            I'll second that, I'm spoiled now and don;t think that I could work for any other place.
            "Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness Forgot About Puppies"


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              Eek, I hope you charge more for the hand scissoring!
              Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones