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How do I avoid messing up message?

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  • How do I avoid messing up message?

    If I stop typing my message, then review, I can't ad a thought without ruining what I wrote. How can I ad an after thought and not mess up what I wrote? I remain ----new name Chatterbox....chatter in the mornin, chatter in the evenin, chatter all the time. Like the Song Sugar.

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    When you are typing you have to keep an eye on your cursor. That is the blinking line at the end of what you type. If you accidently move it while you are reviewing what you wrote then you will be typing in the middle. Just move your mouse to wherever you want to put in a new sentence and click there.
    Is this what you mean or do you want to know how to edit after you have posted a message? I haven't figured out how to do that yet.


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      Edit? me neither...spell check? me neither..only back space delete if I catch it. For only one week I'm doin good. Gel nails make it tricky. sensitive keys, so I hunt n' peck.


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        Ming, you crack me up...sometimes if my nails get too long they start to get caught in the keys too...Time to call Laney ( my manicurist )
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          Not sure what the question is. But, you can't edit after it's posted. Once you hit Submit Reply that's it.


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            Originally posted by Kim in SD View Post
            Not sure what the question is. But, you can't edit after it's posted. Once you hit Submit Reply that's it.
            I think this message board does have an edit button that you can use after you have posted.
            SheilaB from SC


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              Yeah, now you can edit after.

              But it seems likely that you might need to click on your insert button on the keyboard. Click it one way and you can add words, letters, paragraphs smack in the middle of typed message while still in it. Click that button another time and the letters written wipe out the letters that are there. (it is on or off).

              Funny when I went to write of this, I looked on my new keyboard and no insert button. It seemed silly to me to have, so I'm glad, but my last keyboard had it, and it sounds like that is what JBates is talking about.

              I just NOW realized that the previous message in a thread shows on the new board. That is great. So much easier to respond appropriately if one can check the fore-note.
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