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Very Swollen ankels .

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  • Very Swollen ankels .

    I read Stephan's sugg. Grape Seed. Gee, wuz at Costco today. Got Lean Cuisine. Probably too salty. Doc. put me on Maxide 1 ams. Looking better,but drugist said I need to get up and move!,I sit here way too long. Need feet up at least. If really bad, bad for heart. Earlier, they were looking more normal. I co0uld see my ankle bones. I have little feet . was size 7 all 5ft 7 of my grown life . now 8 is tight, and with short toes, I'd trip if I went bigger. I am afraid at 1 a day pill, could damage kidneys. I prided self I never need meds. Just keep the Excedrin near. I wish to do this naturally if possible. Juniper berries are not strong enough. my B/P was very high Yesterday. 110 on bottom! top musta been really bad-didn't tell me. Usually its 120/80 .goes all over the place. Any help would be appreciated. When I mentioned it before it was ynder reply and maybe many did not read it. so I ask again.

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    If your b/p is getting that high maybe you should see a doctor, as it maybe related to your swollen feet. We are not doctors. It's one thing if your feet are just swelling because of not enough exercise either from standing or sitting too much, but if it because of more serious reasons, you should talk to you doctor.


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      As suggested, get up and get moving! Go for a walk and take your dog(s).


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        I don't have a problem w/blood pressure, and the only time I had a problem w/swollen feet was when I was pregnant. I would say to make sure to drink plenty of water, stay away from soft drinks and processed foods and foods w/higher sodium. If long periods of exercise is difficult for you try going for several short walks during the day. When you are sitting or laying down have your legs elevated. I think I have heard that green tea is a good diuretic and low on caffeine. Any one else have thoughts on this?
        SheilaB from SC


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          I didn't read your other post. Did you have a complete physical done by your reg. dr.? Swollen ankles can indicate something quite serious so I am just asking...not wanting to alarm, just asking.


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            I was at Doc when they took B/P Tues. !st time in6 careful to not do left arm {Lymphadema...Breast Cancer L breast ,took 6 lymph nodes} Never do B/P left. no draws or injects. Grabbed arm and pumped;;gheld, then talked to nurse. GET IT OFF i SCREEMED....iT COULD CAUSE TRAPPED LYMPH FLUID AND MY aRM COULD END UP LIKE Arnold know. So far,its ok Got Maxide, ankles better,nearly normal. Already mentioned worry about kidney damage frm meds.. I hate to take meds.Stupid doc didn't even tell me to limit salt. Checked lungs..ok.Loosing weight.....eating well.with Insurance.I can't afford tests. 60 samples. B/P med only 8 .I know it is risky to not have health ins. I wish we groomers could have a plan like Kaiser in Cal. Or like we do fo Vans. That is pricey. I need a rich hubby who is never home....unless of course I loved the guy and wanted him around. Too set in ways to go there now.A boyfriend from same church would be ideal..w/over 5,ooo members where are the Tom Sellecks? And he is my age. Stll good lookin.