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  • F & T Degreaser

    HAs anyone ever used this product? I used it a long time ago. I was wondering if they have a website with product info.

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    You can find it at the les poochs website. (The pricing is for the general public so don't freak out when you see how much it is). I love the stuff.
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      I think Les Pooches carries it on their web site. I use the product but I think I got mine from Davis Mfg. The company that makes it, Chemsultants, is in Lake Mary, FL if that helps you out


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        absolutely the most fab shampoo on the market. i use it in conjunction with the stuff for matted dogs, dogs with a huge amount of coat to blow and stinky hounds and sheps with oily coats.
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          The man who made it passed away in October (he had been sick for a while), he left the "recipe" to Mike at LesPooch and they now sell all of his products. The degreaser is one of my coveted items, also the ear powder, it is called Vice Grip and it is the BEST!


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            Thanks Guys! I knew you would come threw!