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  • Dividing up dogs fairly

    Can I please get your opinion on something. Where I work we have 4 groomers. We have a front desk that books our appointments, and then managers to assign the grooms to a groomer every night before closing. Now I have noticed that grooms are not getting divided up very evenly and some days one groomer will have 7 and some will have none. If the client request that groomer then they automatically get that dog which I am fine with, but if a client has no preferred groomer and they don't care who grooms their dog then it goes to who did the dog last. And if the dog is new and has never been here before it goes to whom ever yells I'll do it! first, lol. Now that I have been going to dog shows on the weekend I have been getting less and less dogs to groom due to someone else doing them last and therefor they get them again. We used to divide dogs up much more fairly a couple of years ago. 2 of the groomers think if they did the dog last it is their client now. I think if the client asks for you by name it is then your client. Or if they say well I want fifi to have the same groomer every time then it is your client. I think when the front desk answers the phone they should ask do you have a preferred groomer? and if they say no it should go to the person with the least amount of grooms for the day --to be fair. Oh and our computer software automatically enters in the the last groomer so that doesn't help either. I also think that if you have done the dog every single time over a period of time it is your client. But we have so many dogs that multiple people have groomed in the past, that it should be up for grabs if someone needs more grooms. How does everyone here divide up grooms.

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    I agree that the dogs should be evenly distributed, unless the owners are requesting specific groomers. Another option is to have each groomer take one extra day off each week during slower times, rather than having everyone come in to do one or two dogs each every day. That way, each day's trip isn't totally wasted....

    One place I worked had a policy that was totally unfair.... The "newest" employee, regardless of skill or experience, got the fewest dogs. I was hired there when another groomer was off for a back injury. "Her" (just by virtue of her being the one who had done them the first time--kinda like you mentioned; do the dog once, it's "yours") clients were given to me while she was off--but were automatically defaulted back to her when she came back. Well, that's not totally true; she was on restricted duty, so the nice, small, well-behaved dogs went back to her, and I was stuck with the PIA dogs none of the other groomers wanted. I grumbled about that, but when the salon owner bounced TWO paychecks of mine in a row I started looking for another job. After the second check bounced, I turned to going to her bank, cashing the check and depositing the cash into my account. Of course, she banked with the horrible, evil Bank of America which charged ME $5 for cashing those checks....


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      This was one issue that helped me make my decision to leave my first job, one groomer might have 10+ dogs and I would have 1 or 2. I understand if that many people requested the groomer, but this wasn't always the case. I was always the last to have a full day booked, I suspect because at the time I was living with my parents so my only bills were car payments and insurance.

      I think if the person asks for X groomer or for "the same person as before" it should be booked under that groomer's name. Otherwise, I think it should just go in the order of who has fewer dogs on the books for the day.


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        That is a very unfair policy. I think you should either bring it up with them or start looking for another job.

        As for bank of America they are ****. I tried to cash a check there and I didn't realize my license was expired by 2 days, and they wouldn't cash the check. Even though I had at least 7 forms of ID. I had it all, Birth certificate, social, credit cards, my town Id, health insurance. They wanted a passport, I'm like hey I don't ever leave the country, why would i need that. They wouldn't budge. I dislike that bank alot.


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          My girls usually ask if the client has a preferred groomer. If not they are dished out by seniority. One for you, one for the next girl, and another for the next girl. Back to the one with the longest time on so forth. If it's slow they take turns taking days off, or leaving early. It doesn't always go so smoothly.

          I had one girl that would mark any dog as a request. I started pulling files and asking her how this could be a request when she'd never groomed the dog EVER...lmao!


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            Me and my partner divide our own dogs. Usually by who has done them the most/last or by request, if no request we go by breed and style of cut or baths grm #1 1 samoyed , 1 cocker , 2 shih tzus, 1 poodle, 1 lab
            grm#2 1 malamute, 1 springer, 2 lhasas, 1 schn, 1 rottie
            so price and grooming time and difficulty are even for us both.


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              Unless it is a request, all dogs are split evenly considering time to groom and cost of groom. My groomers come in at 9:00am and they leave at the same time.


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                This is always a problem in shops when times are slow. One thing you can do is to be pro-active in dealing with your clients (of course this may be a managment problem, too, but give it a shot)
                First of all, see if you can re-book the client, you can do this if you are the person that is calling them to let them know the pet is ready. You simply take the innitive and follow the established pattern, 6,8,10,12 weeks, then for the convience of your client, you say something like..."I see you are on a 8 week schedual, I've taken the liberty of booking your next appt, and it will be ready for you at pick up. If there are any problems, just give me a call and I'll be happy to slide it around to fit your schedual" Then once the client has been called, you take the paperwork up front to the office/receptionist, and let them know that the client has re-booked. Get it in the book/computer under your name.

                This works for Vet clinics, pet resorts, and private shops. the re-booking is a good habit to get clients into, yeah, some will mess up and be a no-show, but if you take the innitive, give them a call or reminder card...creating a new policy can be hard, but it so works!

                That elimanates the front dest messing up appointments. Now if you have Managers that assign dogs, well, this may not work, but maybe there is a way around it. Re-booking is a great option for building clints.

                Another way is to start handing out cards with YOUR name on it, (we did this at a Petsomething I managed) clients were delighted to know WHO their groomer was! We had far less problems with bookings. Also, one if the things we did on the "any body can have this client" people was to keep watch on the cost of the grooms, trying to keep everything even. Something a lot of shops really don't pay too much attention too, but it makes for a better repor with the groomers if they are all making about the same $$ , like one groomer had 2 little dogs that equaled another groomers 1 big dog. It kept things on an even basis during slow times. We also had manditory days off, if we were really slow! Everyone had an extra day off, not just one groomer.

                It sounds like an upper managment problem but unfortunatly it affects lower grunt workers.


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                  Dear Miss Poodlefluff,this is a tough question and certanly worth asking! The first thing that comes to mind is that you have spent alot of time,money and energy to keep informed by attending seminars! While your fellow groomers have been doing the same,ol same ol, holding the fort down so to speak while you have been away.In your situation you are paying a price now to learn to be your best and it is costing you.Be patient as this can be a selling point for you if you can work w/ the owner/manager of the salon.Everyone wants the "Best"and you have proven your self as being the most informed!You have demonstrated the desier to keep up w/trends and to learn.Use this as a selling point with the clients and the salon owner!In know time you should be the most requested groomer there.If not,take your talents where they will be appreceated,and compensated.Best of luck to you.


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                    What I like to do is book dogs by request and then any clients that had no preference get divided as equally as possible between however many groomers that are working that day so that everyone has a decent day. Unfortunately we have one groomer that always seems to be having a crisis and if you have say 12 dogs one day she will take six and then you have to divide six between everyone else



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                      This happened at my last place too. The "newbie" would automatically get the least amount of dogs, the cheapest dogs, the old, blind, and nasty dogs that no one else wanted. The other groomers would take the "tip dogs" etc. That got old REAL quick, let me tell you.


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                        Where I work now the dogs are done like chicken has said the other groomer has been there a year longer and has decided she is getting tired of handling any bad dogs and the owner/boss said she will only give her all the good dogs. She also will have four or five to my one even when they don't request only her due to the fact she is the bosses friend I continue to look for fairer employment practices while I wait to go to business school and open my own shop. I have reached a point there where there is nothing more for me to learn there anyway.


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                          Originally posted by Gracy Rose View Post
                          Unless it is a request, all dogs are split evenly considering time to groom and cost of groom. My groomers come in at 9:00am and they leave at the same time.
                          Your Grooming Salons seem so professional and nicely done! Too bad I don't live in Fla!


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                            Your telling me this is a HUGE PROBELM

                            i have been working with another groomer for a year and a half and we are the only groomers there. She started working there one month before me. Most new grooms would go to her. But I had alot of people who followed me so I wasnt to worried about it. Then she went on maternaity leave for 3 months and I was the only groomer there while she was on leave. When she came back alot of the grooms she used to do went to me cause the owners perferred me to groom their dogs and she wasnt to happy about it. So she told the receptionist that she should get all new clients and I shouldnt get any. She still had her regular clients that didnt care if I or her did them and that was fine. So now I am afraid to take a day of in fear that she will groom one of my dogs and tell the receptionist that she groomed the dog last and now she should groom them from now on (which has happened). This has been going on for almost a year now. And last week I found out that one of the grooms that she did a couple times and I have done at least 8 times, she has gone into the computer and changed my name to hers so It looks like she has groomed this dog more then me. I told the managers and I dont think they have done anything about it. I think it is stealing and now cant stand to be in the same room with her. I dont like confortations and dont want to talk to her about it. Tomorrow the general manager is having us sit down with them about everything and I am not looking forward to it. This other groomer has never worked with any other groomers before and I have worked with dozens so I cant understand why it is so difficult for her to understand she cant have all the clients that walk in the door. She is selfish and not nice. She doesnt ever talk to me anymore since I found out about her changing the name and dont like all the drama. HELP


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                              Mixed reaction....

                              Where I work there are three groomers. One of the groomers is a constant complainer about 'how many dogs' she has. Every single day it is either not enough or too many. I like to come in and stay a full eight hours if I can/have to. If there are dogs, I don't mind. So, my boss very often ends up booking me more because "complainer" does not want to do dogs that need to come in at 1:00 , 2:00, or that are "squeezed in". We also start earlier than she does. And lastly, 3 out of 5 days, my schedule is all requests. So with all that, I think she is always p**sed at me or whoever. The truth is I'd be more than happy to give some of my dogs away some days! So how would people handle that, when You have someone who balks about not enough dogs, but if she is given one thats squeezed in or one that comes in later in the day shes upset. ARRRGGGG!