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    Originally posted by Dawn125 View Post
    I had a funny no show today. New pair of dogs. They were supposed to show up between 8:30 and 10:30. Then at about 2:30 a woman calls and asks how her two dogs (the no-shows) are doing. I told her that they never showed up. She was shocked. Apparently she assigned the task of dropping off the dogs to her husband. She said her husband was playing golf so she couldn't call him to find out where her dogs were. She was very confused and embarassed. I'm very curious to find out where the husband took the dogs.
    Too hubby was in big trouble!
    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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      I have a lab that comes in every other weeks. She thinks it needs it that much so we do it. She has missed a few lately. How hard is it to remember if you didn't come last Tues. you come this Tues. It's always at 4:15. She's come usually 4:15-4:30ish. Here last week Tues. she didn't show again, and I had spoke to her Sat morning. Didn't call and say she was running late like she usually does. Thurs. night she leaves us a message. I called her back, here she had to work late and coudn't make it. How hard is it to call and sometimes she is our last dog. Some people are so rude. She wasn't sorry or anything. She just laughed on the phone!!


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        How I treat No Shows, I tend to:

        #1: really busy day -- the grooming gods have deemed that I should have an easier day! yippeee

        #2: medium day -- why call ? their dog is their responsibility

        #3: kinda slow day -- I'll total my $ for the day and THEN decide if I wanna call !

        #4 real slow day -- Call within ten minutes of being late.

        and then ... Sometimes I just know it must have been MY mistake and I'm embarrased when calling! OOPS

        I do NOT call new dogs that don't show. I make a record with name & number and note their blatant disrespct for MY time. Don't even want to start that type of relationship.


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          I try to call all my no shows 15 minutes to an hour after the missed appt simply because I've had a few come in at a later time that day or on the wrong day altogether. I've caught several before that happened and was able to reschedule them over the phone instead of being interrupted during a groom. They seem to handle their mistake better over the phone, and it saves them a wasted trip if I'm unable to take the dog when they do show up.


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            I think as groomers we should remember that we are just one appointment a person is keeping in their (sometimes hectic) schedule. Our appointment cards get lost in the shuffle, there are traffic jams, kids gets sick and other sh*t happens. For some people, a quick reminder is all they need to get their pet in on time.